Lewis Blake

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Character Description[edit]

Eyes Green

Weight 174 IBS

Hair Brown

Skin White

Height 6 foot

Blood Red

Lewis has a toned muscular athletic build. His body has been built to play physical sports such as Earth’s soccer, football, baseball and other; including non-Earth games. He is considered thin, fast and agile.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Lewis’ family history has no noticeable background. His ancestors consisted of a few Starfleet personnel, Earth’s ground forces, factory workers, teachers, retail store owners and all other various jobs. His parents were veteran teachers for 25 years each and retired to open a private school. Lewis was born in the states to Brian and Laurie.


Public School K-12, Starfleet Academy (4 Years)

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Student, Played Sports.

Starfleet History[edit]

USS Mokeen - Ensign (jg) - Data Specialist in Security - 6 months; USS Mokeen - Ensign (sg) - Delta Shift Security/Operations - 1 year; USS Vegence - Lt. (jg) - Security Officer Specialist - 2 years; USS Destiny - Lt. (sg) - Jr Security Officer - 6 months; USS Spectre - Lt. (sg) - Security Officer - Currnet;

Medical History[edit]



Lewis is very athletic and fit. During his time in public school and Starfleet Academy he participated in sports. He was stongest academically in Security, Tactics and Operations. During his 4 years of servie he has taken the path of security.

Other Information[edit]


All Sports, Piano

General Notes[edit]



Crew of the USS Boudicca
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Played by bearcapps00