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Rear Admiral Lydia Stakes commanded the USS Star of Samarkand, a modified sovereign class vessel designed as a keltoi-killer.

Lydia and the Star lead the 42nd Squadron (nicknamed The Black Watch), Auxilliary Home Fleet during the Civil War and are now stationed with the 52nd.

Lydia is the daughter of Admiral Mackenzie, and is married to Captain Archibald Stakes, currently CO of the USS Mithrandir and former CO of the Star's sister-ship USS Rose of Samarkand. They have two children, Esmerelda (Esme) and William (Bill).

Lydia Stakes.jpg
Captain Lydia Stakes
Name: Lydia Stakes
Rank: Captain
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 44
Position: Commanding Officer
Ship: USS Boudicca
Status: Active

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Physical Description: Tall and slender, her eyes are her most striking feature being a deep sapphire blue. Otherwise Lydia is not singular in any way, she's an ordinary human woman.

Family and Background[edit]

The only daughter of Admiral Mackenzie, Lydia was brought up to regard duty as the highest ideal. At university she met Archibald Stakes. They had a brief period of dating and married whilst in their second year at university. The year after they married, when Archibald was 21, Lydia gave birth to twins, Esmerelda and William. Both Lydia and Archibald managed to graduate the year after, and both entered Starfleet Academy. They were fast-tracked by her father, although they both showed ability and promise in any case.


Edinburgh High School, followed by Edinburgh University.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

See above

Starfleet History[edit]

Both Archibald and Lydia entered Starfleet Academy at the same time, fast-tracked into Command class. They kept together all the time at the Academy but when they graduated (both with honours) they were assigned to different ships. Both became department heads after two years service, and rose through the ranks quickly. Lydia became Captain of the USS Watanabe (a light explorer) three years before Archibald became Captain of the USS Manchester (a heavy cruiser). Through their actions and determination, both were awarded many medals. Recently they both became COs of two re-designed Sovereign-class ships, expressly intended to take on and defeat Keltois. Lydia called hers The Star of Samarkand, and Archibald named his The Rose of Samarkand as a sign of their respect for one another. Not happy with the way Starfleet was behaving, Archibald defected to the 52nd Fleet with his ship and crew who chose to follow him. Lydia chose to remain behind, partly for fear of what would happen to her father if she defected and partly because she still believed that she could make a difference from within.

Lydia retained the rank of Rear-Admiral, and during the battle for the MDP commanded the Black Watch Squadron. Coming face to face with her husband's ship, the Boudicca, Lydia chose that moment to defect, and her squadron followed her lead. When the Boudicca rammed Valhalla and breached its shields, Lydia led a team of security and marines to help secure teh station and rescue the Boudicca crewmembers cornered there. She returned to Geneva with her ship when Archibald and the Boudicca were recalled there. She remained attached to the 52nd until recalled to Earth some months later.

Finding herself beset by politics, Lydia chose to stand down from the rank of Admiral and resume her career as a normal Starfleet Captain.

Medical History[edit]

Nothing of note


Natural leader


As the captain of a starsip Lydia hasn't much time for hobbies. Her son Bill served with her on her previous commands and she spent a lot of her downtime on ship with him. When she does have time to herself she likes to read. Time when the whole family is together is rare and precious, although Lydia and Archibald have always done their best to co-ordinate leave times. Lydia and Archibald have a strong and successful marriage which only seems strengthened by the time they spend apart.

General Notes[edit]

A strong believer in discipline and the chain of command, and duty above all.

Awards[edit] Awarded The Starfleet Shield: For actions during the battle for the MDP on stardate 2407.07.09

Lydia Stakes is played by Liz Geuken