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Author's Note[edit]

My character, Madison Davis, is not originally from Freedom or from the current timeline. Being in Freedom for six years and having been in the command path two or three times prior, I asked the council to provide my ship a place to be put, away from the opposing game After Earth. After Earth is where my character was orginally born and played, however the ship my character commanded was the USS Relentless. As After Earth was quickly falling apart, the council decided they would provide berth, and we needed a way to 'travel back in time 300 years' to fit the current timeline of Freedom. As described below, the USS Relentless was then shredded upon getting thrown back 300 years, and the USS Dennison was then born within Freedom itself. I can turn this into a lengthy note, but I won't. I'll just say if anyone has any questions reguarding anything in the bio or in general, you can feel free to ask me anytime!



CO, Madison Davis

Madison spent most of her early years of life on Bajor II, where she was born and raised for seven years before her parents Gregory Davis and Amie Larrys-Davis got divorced. Bajor II being the home planet of her mother, Amie did not wish to leave, however her father Gregory wanted to finish his career in Starfleet, so he decided to go back to New Earth II. Not having a choice, Madison was forced to go with her father back to New Earth II, where they settled and had a place of their own to call ‘home.’

Being on New Earth II, it wasn’t hard for Madison to fit in as she was only ¼ Bajoran, but it was still tougher on her than it seemed to be on her father. Not seeing her mother much, she didn’t have much influence of a woman, other than the friends that she made during her years of growing up.

Her father, being a quantum physicist at the Academy, highly encouraged her since she was old enough to understand, to go into the Academy and eventually into Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

During her Academy years, 2733-2738, she initially went for medicine, but soon found herself on the path of the command track. Madison was unusually drafted out from the Academy and straight to her first post on the USS Acula, where she then served as the CMO.

USS Akula, (2738-2742)[edit]

USS Akula

During her time spent on the Akula, most of it was focused on learning quickly on her feet as being the replacement to a severely short handed ship. She didn’t form many relationships as she adhered strictly to working relationship protocols only. Seeing her father lose many friends during the war as she grew up, she tried her hardest not to have many friends in the service. However her attitude towards others usually worked in her favor without fail to accomplish this goal.

The war still ongoing since she was the age of 15, she was committed to dedicating all her time fighting just as her father had, hoping to make him proud and eventually bring the war to an end. Young and mad at the world at her age, she carried a lot of anger around with her.

In 2742, the USS Acula was outnumbered in an ambush around Zheopia, a usually peaceful planet who pledged to help with medical aide and replenishing ship’s systems during the time of the war. That being established as one of their hidden bases, as the planet itself had cloaking technology, it was only a matter of few years before the opposing side figured out the secret location. Not being able to fight off the four ships by herself, the Akula was forced to capture, and the crew boarded onto Zirmaxus, the main enemy vessel of the four.

Luck holding Madison in it’s grasp, she was only 1 of 23 members to survive the the transfer and torture from the crew of the Zirmaxus. Wanting information, the crew refused to give up the location of their other supply fleets, resulting in the end of lives. However Madison was only there along with the other 22 members for a total of three weeks before the USS Relentless came into view. Captain Robin Wilson and his crew launched a rescue attempt along with the USS Wolfheart, saving the 23 crew members, herself included. After which point, they were scattered about to different vessels, except for Madison. She was asked to remain onboard as the CMO, once again slipping back into her old role, only on a new ship.

USS Relentless, (2742-2746)[edit]

USS Relentless

Serving as CMO still, it wasn’t long before she was quickly promoted to second officer, and eventually executive officer, under FO Commander Skylynx. Skylynx being forced to move on as an intelligence operative to another ship, Madison was then promoted to first officer, leaving her CMO position to another new crewmember aboard the Relentless.

During her time serving as first officer, she developed an attraction to her commanding officer Robin Wilson, as well he did her. Though they never shared their feelings openly, it was apparent their romantic feelings for one another.

On stardate 2745.06.09, Madison became an Admiral’s Aide to Robin Wilson, now promoted to Rear Admiral and still residing on the Relentless, presiding over the newest CO Susan Devilla. Being an Admiral’s Aide, Madison slowly became intelligence for the Relentless, hooking onto Blackford and his plan against their people.

When the fighting against Blackford was over, Madison became the commanding officer of the USS Relentless on stardate 2746.08.16. Upon accepting the position, Wilson then left for Starbase Odyssius, leaving her and only half the crew, as the other half went to the Starbase and she accepted new crew members.

Because Wilson was on the Starbase, that allowed for the both of them to be engaged to be married. However, they were only together a short time before Madison went on a survey mission, and was intercepted by an unknown object, forcing the crew of the Relentless unconscious and drafting them 300 years in their past, to stardate 2407.01.10.

300 Years In The Past[edit]

Saved by the USS Night’s Watch, only few of the crew survived, including Madison. The USS Relentless was unsalvageable, and Starfleet’s scientists were unable to find a way to send them back to their timeline, 300 years into their future. Upon this point in time, Madison was then appointed CO of the USS Dennison, a newly reconstructed tri-vector assault vessel.

USS Dennison[edit]

The USS Dennison was taken out of space dock on stardate 2407.01.16, where Madison is attempting to catch up on their current line of things in their timeline, as well as enter yet another war zone.

Stardate 2407.02.14/Supernatural- The Dennison had taken yet another turn of events as the crew go to enjoy some R'n'R in the holodeck. Once in the holodeck, things turn ugly as the ship encounters a spacial anomaly. Only few of the crew end up being trapped inside the holodeck, as the others manage to try and save the ship...and the others from being killed.

Stardate: 2407.02.18/Supernatural/Past, Present...Future?- With the events of "Supernatural" folding into "PPF," the crew have become increasingly paranoid. Upon meeting another ship in an unusual sector, 5 members of her crew were transported to the Dennison before it exploded. Now orbiting an odd telescope with unusual powers, two crewmembers are missing, a double agent(s) is/are working onboard, and Davis fears for the worse....a possible mutiny.

  • More to come as the journey continues...

Other Information[edit]

Star Trek Freedom Bio[edit]

Character Physical Description

Name: Madison Davis

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135 Lbs.

Blood Color: Red

Skin Color: Caucasion

Physical Description: Madison is petite, yet strong for her size. She has long flowing red hair that she keeps pinned up, and green eyes. Her muscular build is average and she stays in shape.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background: She was born on Bajor II and only lived there for seven years before her parents split up and went their seperate ways. She was then raised by her father who left Bajor and went to live on his home planet, New Earth II. Madison spent the time living there with her father who was a strong supporter of Starfleet and encouraged her at an early age, to join.

Education: K-12 Eduacational development, Starfleet Academy (Medical)-4 years and (Security)-1 year. She learned about security to prepare for different types of situations she might encounter.

Pre-Starfleet History: Both parents divorced, Madison went to live with her father where she eventually went into Starfleet.

Starfleet History: Madison graduated the Academy and was drafted onto the USS Akula as their CMO. Four years later she served on the USS Relentless as CMO as well, working her way up to CO eventually on stardate 2746.08.16.

Medical History: N/A; Perfect health thus far.

Skills: She was taught different ways of defense both on Bajor II before she left and during her Academy days. She is mostly resourcful with her medical skills as she attended medical school and graduated from there.

Hobbies: She likes to run holodeck programs, read, and is very outgoing. She likes to participate in all kinds of various activities.

General Notes: Hard headed and stubborn.

Awards: N/A