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This file contains a listing of song lyrics as sung by Ari Lo'ren T'Vof cha'Tarven. After each piece can be found a short synopsis of when the song was sung and an approximate Earth equivalent of the melody.

Little Bird, My Sweet.[edit]

"Many years, long since past
 When I was but young,
 My mother sang a song to me
 Just as the day was done.
 She sang me off to sleep that night
 With voice so soft and low,
 Though I was frightened of the trouble
 I had come to know.
"Little bird, my sweet child.
 Little bird, my darling,
 Little bird, my baby sweet,
 No harm will hurt your sleeping.
"My sleep that night was gentle,
 My dreams, they were of beauty,
 I heard no whisper in my sleep;
 No nightmare came to snare me.
 I woke to find my dream come true!
 The terrors - they had fled.
 I keep the memory of the morn,
 The day my mother said:
"Little bird, my sweet child.
 Little bird, my darling,
 Little bird, my daughter sweet,
 No harm will hurt your waking.
"The time for sorrow is gone.
 The day of joy is here.
 Our lives can find the happiness
 we've lost for many years.
 The seige that we were under
 All our suffering is done
 The foe has left our doorstep
 the time to live has begun!
"Little bird, my sweet child.
 Little bird, my darling,
 Little bird, my daughter sweet,
 Come join with me in singing."

This song was created and sung by Lo'ren at a gathering on board the USS Hades. The occassion was that of the Arborian Festival of Light, during which stories of triumph over adversity or of learning are shared. The tune is similar to a Terran song called "An Irish Lullaby"

Golden Slumbers[edit]

"Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
 Smiles await you when you rise.
 Sleep, pretty baby,
 Do not cry,
 And I will sing a lullaby.

"Cares you know not, therefore sleep,
 While I o'er you watch do keep.
 Sleep, pretty darling,
 Do not cry,
 And I will sing a lullaby."

Written By Thomas Dekker

Lo'ren was sung this song in a dream by her mother, and has encorporated it into her repetoire.

Honour and Life[edit]

"Life is everywhere
 Ice and Honour bound as one
 It is in you now and forever it shall stay

"Life is the wind blowing sideways
 Life is the winter, honour is the snow
 I am Life You are Life We are Life

"Honour is the ice, Life is in you now.
 Ice and Snow beneath the midnight sky
 Honour and Life becomes you and I."

An excerpt of a song composed by Lo'ren, sung for the first time to an audience of one - namely Jericho Haynes.

I Believe[edit]

"I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.
 I believe that somewhere in the darkest night, a candle glows.
 I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way.
 I believe, I believe.

"I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard.
 I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word.
 Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
      or touch a leaf,
           or see the sky,
 then I know why I believe!"

Lo'ren discovered this song somewhere along her travels. The song is one that is written as a response to a despondent soldier of the Terran conflict known as the Korean War. The song was written in the Terran year of 1952.