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Admiral Robert LoDona, Current

Admiral LoDona was the Fleet Commanding Officer, he headed of all the forces of the 52nd Fleet. He was stationed on his flagship, the USS Steel Talons where he saw the operations of the fleet.

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Pre-Starfleet Life[edit]


Starfleet Academy[edit]


Marine Training[edit]


Paris Island, CE Training[edit]


Transfer to the Starfleet Advanced War College[edit]


Pulling the 52nd Out[edit]


The War Begins[edit]


Biographical Information & Other[edit]

Bio Information[edit]

Name: Robert LoDona

Age: 55

Sex: Male

Birthplace: Virginia, Earth

Species: Human

Eye Colour: Flint Grey

Hair Colour: Black

Height: 5'6

Weight: 190 IBS

Blood Color: Red

Skin Color: White

Physical Description:

Robert is short and stalky. He has numerous scars from duty, and has a rough face, almost as if chiseled from rock. He habitually wears his face immobile, a mask that betrays no emotion. His most predominant features, however, are the Borg implants that ring a couple of the fingers on his right hand, and continue up to his arm and side. They have been fully deactivated, but Robert had the hardware itself left as a reminder of his failure. He calls the metal surrounding his fingers his 'class ring'.


-Starfleet Academy General Courses: Engineering - Security/Tactical - Marine - Command School

-Starfleet Academy Advanced War College (AWC): General Courses in Strategy and War Tactics. Applied Counter Terror in Special Operations.

-Advanced Learning at Paris Island (Marine Training Center): Counter Terror Training, Combat Engineering Courses

Medical History:

Robert has several Borg implants throughout his body, mostly on the right side below his neck. One of which winds itself from his lower forearm to his middle and ring finger. He calls this his 'class ring'

He has multiple scars from battle.


In his off time, he plays the clarinet, and reads classical poetry.

Since He was a kid, He has collected models and books on ancient Naval forces of Earth and other counties. His collection now is rather large, and requires advance warning to pack and move before being transferred.


Phaser Marksman : Counter-Terror training : Combat Engineering : Music, Clarinet and Flute : Command : Brilliance at Strategic and Tactical Planning in extreme situations.


'Borg Busting' : Phaser Marksmanship : Explosives and Explosive Ordinance Disposal : Strategy and Tactics in extreme situations : Pre-Revolution Classical Music in concert with a piano (music) -


He has a fierce temper, and a loose tongue with command and those he thinks are either stupid or ignorant, his thinking being that both cause death in an organization like Starfleet.

He has a soft side, and doesn't particularly like to kill. However, he can be cold and brutal when called upon. He is fiercely loyal to the Federation, and Starfleet.

He is a regular attendant to Strategic Operations at Starfleet Command as an advisor in the areas of Strategy and Tactics.


Awarded Cross of Fire With Clusters, Awarded Cross of Alexander, Awarded Combat Action Ribbon with Clusters, Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice with clusters

Robert LoDona is played by J Trout

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