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T'Solen Fairfield is a Security Officer aboard the USS Spectre.

Character Physical Description[edit]

The Vitals[edit]

Eye Colour Grey

Hair Colour Black

Height 4 foot 11

Weight 180 lbs

Blood Colour Red

Skin Colour Pale White

Physical Description[edit]

T'Solen looks like a human with moderately pointed ears.

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

His family ran a small cargo ship that never stopped moving on the Golden Triangle. His 1/2 vulcan mother was the Captain of the Venture-Bound, his human father the Chief Engineer.


'Home schooled' -Starfleet Engineering Crewman School -Marine Training -Advanced War College -Combat Engineering Training (with courses at Starfleet Engineering to certify him as a Starfleet Engineer)

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Born and Raised on the SS Venture-Bound, a privately owned civilian cargo ship that regularly ran 'The Golden Triangle', the cargo run between Earth, Vulcan and Tellar. Enlisted for Starfleet on Vulcan just after his 18th birthday, during a layover to the planet to take on supplies and cargo.

Starfleet History[edit]

Spent 2 years as an engineering technician, before applying to Paris Island to be a Marine. After graduation, immediately went to OCS and became an Officer. After a year as a Marine, applied for and received the training to become a Combat Engineer at the War college. During the civil war, he was often on the front line with his team. During the final battle over Earth, he refused an order to pull back while attached to the USS Intrigue - and thus planted the bomb that destroyed the USS Vin, which crashed into the Moon with the loss of all hands. He was summarily removed from Combat Engineering and spent 1 year in the brig pending trial, but was released to the Marines after a general amnesty given to soldiers on both sides for actions taken during the war. He retook a position in Security, and was assigned to the USS Spectre - where he has been keeping a low profile.

Medical History[edit]

Uneventful, just a couple of broken bones in training accidents. No war wounds of note.


He collects musical guitars, though he can't play a lick (he likes to think he can, though)

Other Information[edit]


Likes to go Running, Swimming, practice Weapons and explosives.

General Notes[edit]

He is a defrocked Combat Engineer, banned from joining the companies again during his tenure in Starfleet. His record shows charges for various war crimes, and a general pardon for all crimes committed during the war. He is quiet, and somewhat sullen - and he will rarely talk about the war, or what happened.


None, Stripped.

Author's Notes[edit]

There will be stuff here. :P

J Trout
Name: T'Solen Fairfield
Rank: Yellowensign.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: 3/4 Human, 1/4 Vulcan
Age: 35
Position: Security Officer
Ship: USS Spectre
Status: Active