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Maraht is played by herbalsheila via the Star Trek: Freedom universe.

Feel free to look around the site at and sign up if you'd like to get involved. Once assigned to a ship you can expect more email from all of the player character aboard your ship, usually about eight to twelve people. No dice or stats are involved. You tell a narrative story from your characters point of view and contribute your small part to a larger ongoing story line. You are expected to stick to your character's description onec you have your bio for him/her/it filled out.

  • Sheila, why did you change your characters name? Pdennett 18:27, 19 September 2006 (EDT)

I don't feel I can give an explanation at this time. I am sorry. Maybe I will be able to explain later on. -herbalsheila

Hey, Sheila... Maraht has an old friend lurking in the shadows of the Champlain's morgue. Best go meet him... Vladimir Goldmark, from Janus VI. He might write to Maraht soon. Since Maraht has graduated from the Academy and got his first assignment now... I'm sure Vlad's proud, and it gets lonely just chatting with the corpses... heh -GrannyGM

  • Sheila, the Mystique is an Akira class starship, not a Miranda class. Liz

Thank you Liz! All fixed! -herbalsheila