Tarus Daban

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  • Name:Tarus Daban
  • Age:32
  • Sex:Male
  • Birthplace:Gavon Mas, Bajor
  • Species:Bajoran
  • Eye Colour:Blue
  • Hair Colour:Raven Black
  • Height: 5' 11
  • Weight:86kg
  • Blood Colour:Red
  • Skin Colour:Light Tan
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Current Position:Security Officer
  • Assignment: USS Hades
  • Status: Inactive

Physical Description:[edit]

Daban is above average height and also above average weight, but this is due to his toned physique and extra muscle - must unusual for a Bajoran. His Raven black hair is short and un-styled, his eyes large and dark. His demeanour is welcoming and smile is friendly.


Gavon Mas is a small village in the Northern Provinces. The Tarus family lived as farmers and Daban would often aid his father with the chores. At his village school he was often bullied while growing up due to his height, which sparked his first interest in martial arts and self defence. He had a very close relationship with his brother, but this relationship became strained when his brother was recruited into an underground cell. His parents disowned his brother, though Daban keeps in touch best he can. By the age of 21 he broke his mothers heart when he made the decision to leave the village and join the Bajoran Militia, but he continues to stay in touch with all of his family, including his brother.



Pre Starfleet:[edit]

As a young and impressionable man Daban left his small village to join the Bajoran Militia, serving as part of the Provincial Guard, personal aid to the Kai as a bodyguard. After 2 years he requested a transfer and became part of a security contingent along the Cardassian Border worlds. After a promising 4 year career he decided to become part of something greater and applied for Starfleet Security


After graduation from the academy, Daban was station on the USS Tolanar, a defiant class ship station near to the Badlands along the Cardassian border. After 12 months of duty he took some R&R back on Bajor and heard through the Bajoran Underground about the sparks of a civil war starting up within Starfleet. Eager to see if the rumours were true he traded a few favours and managed to get a transfer to the USS Nimitz, where he has now served for nearly 18 months.


Nothing out of the ordinary.


None known- noone has seen him relax.


Daban is apt with many martial art and fighting styles, from the martial arts like the ancient-earth style of Kung-fu, to the hand to hand weapons of the Klingon-Culture.