Toral Shun

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One of the wards of Captain Susan Rivers

Toral Shun

Biographical Details[edit]

Name: Toral Shun

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Bajor

Species: Bajoran

Character Physical Information[edit]

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 4' 10

Weight: 84 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: White

Physical Description

Small and slightly built, Shun has a sunny nature which is normally reflected in his facial expressions. He has a friendly and engaging smile, which often diffuses the irritation which might otherwise be felt by those adults on the receiving end of his 'satiable curiosity.

History And Education[edit]

Family and Background

Shun's parents died whilst he was quite small and he and his sister Loren were taken under the care of Commander Sam Kaneshiro. Later when Sam was officially listed as missing Shun and his sister became the legal wards of Susan Rivers. He and his sister currently live with Susan and her partner, Lt Col. Leonal Drizzt.


Fragmented due to many changes of location. Shun is a bright child with an immense curiosity. He would do better at his studies, however, if he had less of a butterfly mind.

Medical History

No major illnesses

Other Information[edit]


Leona the Frog-bear

Fiddling with just about anything he can lay his hands on. Loves to take things to pieces to see how they work, but not always so good at putting them back together again. Perhaps one day Shun will make a good engineer. For now, lock up anything you value in working order!

Shun has a pet Kemrian frog-bear called Leona after 'Uncle Leonal'

Skills and Abilities

Can take almost anything to pieces. Will make a reasonable attempt to put it back together again, but this is not always successful.


Has a bright sunny nature and an immense curiosity for just about everything. Also tends to pick up words and phrases that you'd rather he didn't. Not at all shy around adults and full of questions about everything.