USS Avenger

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USS Avenger.jpg
USS Avenger
Registry: NCC-59860-E
Class: Prometheus Class (modified)
Launched: unknown
Commanding Officer: Captain Thomas Grayson
First Officer: Commander Jessie Higdon
Status: Active

The USS Avenger is a modified Prometheus Class starship. It has been equipped with ETHOS technology which allows it to mimic a variety of different starships. It was thought that the Avenger was lost at the Battle of Betazed. It turns out it was salvaged and repaired by an unknown group.

Crew Roster[edit]

Command Crew[edit]

File:Captcmd.jpg Thomas Grayson - Commanding Officer - Human

Cmdrcmd.jpg Jessie Higdon - First Officer - Human

Tactical/Security Staff[edit]

Lttacsec.jpg Ben McBride - Chief Tactical Officer - Human