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Ensign V'Shera
Ensign Vshera
Name: V'Shera
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Vulcan
Species: Vulcan
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Cut Short
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 188 lbs
Blood Color: Green
Skin Color: Light Ebon
Current rank: Ensign
Current Position: ATAC
Assignment: USS Rosenante
The USS Rosenanté NCC–924650
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

V'Shera is lithe, tall, long limbed and attractively endowed. Her body is athletic without being unseeingly muscular. Her movements are fluid, graceful and efficient. She is attractive, ebony and extremely tall for a Vulcan female.


Tavor is V'Shera's father. He is a PHd religious instructor in their home town university. Falon is V'Shera's mother. She is a respected architect in the same city. Though they are both in their early sixties they are in excellent health. She has two brothers named Varon and Adrax. Both are much younger than V'Shera and don't have career goals yet. Though her sibs are quite understanding about V'Shera's failure at Kolinar. However neither of her parents are very understanding, which was another reason she left Vulcan for Star Fleet. Her failure to achieve Koh'linar made her somewhat of a social outcast on Vulcan. It ruined any chance she had about telepathic bonding with any culturally grounded Vulcan male.


Academic institutions attended: Attended grade school and high school on Vulcan. There she demonstrated interests in philosophy, religion and martial arts. V'Shera also was very interested in exobiology and Zenopsychology. She also had help from a family friend, Master Tuvril, but he was unsuccessful in helping her achieve mastery over her emotions. Education: Attended Vulcan College at Planar for formal training in the science related to wilderness survival, xenobiology, logic and telepathic training. She was more successful in telepathy than logic training, much to the embarrassment of her parents and two younger siblings. She then spent 1.5 years at the Minara Peaks Retreat to attain Ko'linar, for the purging of all vulgar emotions. She wasn't successful in that attempt, as she was still too restless, curious and emotional at the time. Her failure there persuaded V'Shera to go to Starfleet to find adventure and satisfy her curiosity about life on other worlds. She attended Star Fleet Academy Earth. There she learned about advanced martial arts, heavy weapons skills, sensors and small craft piloting. As she progressed through training, she also found her superior Vulcan speed, endurance and strength were best suited for the departments of Tactical or Security.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

See above.


She graduated in the top tenth percentile of her class at Starfleet. She had no combat ribbons as V'Shera had just graduated at the end of Federation Civil War.


No unusual injuries or trauma. V'Shera has had no onset of the pon farr mating madness. It is unknown what the effects of pon farr will be when it finally overtakes her. But she tends to keep talk and thinking about reproductive and marital bonding urges greatly repressed. V'Shera has full Starfleet immunization history. She is well versed in the various self-healing techniques but with some greater difficulties because of her heightened emotionality, which may distract her from self-centering in healing and meditative trances.


She likes playing 3d chess, meditation, and extreme physical exercise as ways of burning off excessive emotional energy. She also works with holopainting and holosculpture as a way of expressing her emotions in a socially acceptable manner. She reads avidly. She enjoys talking shop more than talking mundane. V'Shera still keeps current on material relating to exobiology and xenopsychology.


V'Shera is skilled with weapons, advanced martial arts, alien environment survival techniques and Spock like touch telepathic abilities. She can pilot Star Fleet shuttlecrafts, read sensors and use heavy weapons. Her failure win Koh'linar has made her a bit edgy at times, which she channels into heightened physical and mental disciplines.

Awards and Commendations:[edit]


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