Vulcan Self Defense Force

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A Vulcan Starship assigned to the VSDF

The Vulcan Self-Defense Force is the private military for the planet of Vulcan (planet).

As of 2373, the Vulcan Self Defense Forces are headquartered at T'Paal. The majority of Self Defense Force members are soldiers and officers. In order to become an officer a candidate must pass the entrance exam. The prospective officer then must be approved by an oversight council who can reject the application. Officers usually serve on Vulcan ships and may are sent into battle, whether it be on planetary assaults or when boarding other vessels.

The system of hierarchy aboard ships within the Self Defense Forces is highly structured.

The Self Defense Forces are capable of deploying a fleet sufficient to defend their entire planet. They have done so on several occasions, including an attempt to defend Vulcan from a Romulan Invasion in 2054.

During the Federation Civil War The VSDF surrendered quickly, thus preventing a slaughter such as the one that took place at the Battle of Andoria.