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This is a list of known weapons in the Star Trek: Freedom Universe

Martial Weapons[edit]

Ahn-woon: Vulcan weapon made of a single leather strip that could be used as a whip or noose.

Bat'leth: The traditional Klingon sword of honor, resembling a meter long, two ended scimitar. The bat'telh was carried along the inside of the arm and controlled by two handholds located on the outside edge of the weapon

Bowie Knife: An ancient earth weapon, used by cowboys and other roughnecks. More recently used on Starbase 23 in an alien invasion where the creature was immune to energy bursts

Claymore: Two-handed sword with a double-edged blade, used by Scottish Highlanders in the 16th century on Earth.

Cutlass: A short, thick, curving sword with a single edge, popularized by ocean-sailors during the 15th-18th centuries on Earth.

D'k tahg: Traditional Klingon warrior's knife. A vicious, three bladed weapon, the d'k tahg is commonly used in hand to hand combat, as well as in many ceremonies.

Foil: Ancient weapon used in the Earth sport of fencing, it has a flexible, rectangular blade about one meter in length and a bell guard to protect the hand.

Glavin: A traditional weapon on the planet Ligon II, used in ritual combat. Resembling a gauntlet length oversized glove, the end of the glavin has a large, vicious hook and is covered with poison tipped spines.

Kailune: Romulan throwing device which is similar to Earth's Ninja star. Usually coated in poison.

Kar'takin: A short polearm with cleaverlike blades along one side. The kar'takin was a favored weapon of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

Katana: The slightly curved, meter-long sword dating back to the period of Japanese feudalism in the 12th century on Earth. It, along with the smaller Wakizashi, make up the traditional pair of samurai blades, known as the 'daisho.'

Kut'luch: A bladed weapon used by Klingon assassins. The kut'luch had a serrated blade and made a very serious wound.

Lirash: Large Romulan polearm with crescent shaped blade on one end and club on the other. Approximately 150 cm long.

Lirpa: Ancient Vulcan weapon with a razor sharp curved blade at one end and a heavy bludgeon on the other.

Mek'leth: Klingon sword approximately half as long as the bat'leth

Neca: dagger of the form of the Romulan Vrelnec only without the hilt.

Nisroh: Curved blade used on the planet Tilonus IV.

Painstik, Klingon: Electronic "cattle prod" used as part of the Klingon Age of Ascension ritual. The use of the painstik is significant because enduring Physical suffering is considered a Klingon spiritual test. Painstiks were also used in the Sonchi ceremony.

Rapier: Originally, a slender, two-edged, fencing or dueling sword with a large hilt cup, from the 17th century on Earth. It was used for slashing through lightly armored opponents. Later incarnations were lighter and ended in a sharp point, which was designed for thrusting between the plates of heavily armored targets.

Stunstick: A meter long, rodlike weapon that was used by cadre forces fighting for control of the Turkana IV colony. The weapon was capable of delivering a powerful electric shock to an opponent.

Tal-shaya: Ancient method of execution on Vulcan that was considered a merciful form of death. Pressure was applied to a specific portion of the victim's neck until it snapped, causing instantaneous death.

Vrelnec: Straight, single edged Romulan blade with a basket hilt which is usually elaborately decorated. About 110-120 cm in length the sword resembles the Earth cutlass only heavier. Common art of fencing with this weapon is Vrelnecrek.

Wakizashi: The slightly curved, companion blade to the Katana, measuring half a meter in length. It is the smaller of the traditional 'daisho' pair.


Aceton assimilators: Weapons used by the ancient Menthars in their war with the Promellians a thousand years ago. Aceton assimilators could drain power from distant sources, such as an enemy ship, then use that power to generate deadly radiation to kill the ship's crew.

Antimatter mines: Explosive charges used as proximity bombs. (With magnetic targeting capabilities)

Antimatter spread: An impressive but harmless series of small explosive charges. The charges were essentially fireworks

Aphasia device: Mechanism built by Bajoran terrorists, intended to distribute an aphasia virus into the food replicators of Deep Space 9. The aphasia device was planted by the Bajoran underground when the station was under construction in 2351, as a weapon against the Cardassians.

Argine: Explosive. Argine was used in a Ferengi locator bomb intended to kill Quark when he served as grand nagus in 2369.

Artonian laser: Coherent energy weapon.

Atomic bomb: Primitive weapon using explosive nuclear fission reactions in isotopes of uranium and plutonium.

Axonophagic Chip: These small chips used exclusively by the Romulan Star Empire contain lethal chemicals which burn Synaptic pathways, destroy cells and cause hemorrhaging, essentially causing a quick death while destroying the individuals memory. These devices are standard issue in Romulan med-Packs.

Bio-dart: Natural biological defense system of the Voth people in the Delta Quadrant. The Voth are able to shoot small darts from special orifices on their forearms. The darts deliver a fast acting chemical that can temporarily render another individual unconscious.

Biogenic weapon: Extremely deadly biological armament, illegal under interstellar treaties. The components necessary to create biogenic weapons include biomimetic gel, retroviral vaccines, isomiotic hypos, and plasma flares.

Biomechanical gene disrupter: Deadly nanobiogenic weapon used by both the T'Lani and the Kellerun during a war that lasted for centuries.

Biomolecular warhead: Weapon developed for use against an incursion into this galaxy by Species 8472 in early 2374.

Cardassian phase-disruptor rifle: Standard issue Cardassian field weapon.

Cascade virus: Sophisticated computer software weapon.

Chroniton torpedo: Tactical weapon used by the Krenim of the Delta Quadrant.

Compressed tetryon beam: Energy weapon. A compressed tetryon beam was used by the Lenarians to attack an Enterprise-D away team in 2369.

CRM 114: Large portable hand cannon made by the Breen. The CRM 114 was designed to destroy moving vessels and surface emplacements, and was guaranteed to cut through reactive armor in the 6 to 15 centimeter range. It could also penetrate shields up to 4.6 gigajoules in strength.

Disruptor: Directed energy weapon used by Romulans, Klingons, and other races. The Klingon disruptor was also known as a phase disruptor. Romulan disruptor fire can be identified by a high residue of antiprotons that can linger for several hours after the weapon has been used.

Disruptor Pistol: More compact variant of the disruptor rifle.

Disruptors, system 5: Type of large Cardassian weaponry used for planetary emplacements.

Dreadnought: Maquis designation for an experimental Cardassian tactical missile weapon that was launched around stardate 46437. The weapon carried a charge of a thousand kilograms of matter and an equal amount of antimatter, enough explosive power to destroy a small moon.

Echo Papa 607: An automated weapons drone system created by the now-dead arms merchants of planet Minos, built for use during the ancient Erselrope Wars. Billed by the Minosians as the ultimate in weapons system technology, the Echo Papa 607 was a small free-flying unit with a powerful energy projector and a cloaking device. The 607 was designed to be effective against ground personnel as well as deep space vehicles, and could also be programmed for information gathering. Most significantly, the 607 embodied dynamic adaptive design, enabling it to learn during combat situations so that mistakes would not be repeated.

Ferengi whip: Handheld Ferengi weapon used to fire high energy plasmas discharges at a target.

Flintlock: Primitive, muzzle-loading weapon that used an explosive charge to propel a small projectile. Klingon agents gave several flintlocks to the village people on Tyree's planet in 2267, upsetting the balance of power in that society until Enterprise personnel provided similar weapons to Tyree's hill people.

Gol, Stone of: Ancient Vulcan artifact, a powerful weapon dating back to the Time of Awakening, 2,000 years ago. Long thought to be mere legend, the stone was a psionic resonator that operated by focusing and amplifying telepathic energy, enabling its bearer to kill by telepathy, turning an opponent's violent thoughts and emotions against him.

Gravimetric torpedo: Sophisticated energy weapon.

Gravitic mine: Graviton based weapon used against space vehicles.

Heavy graviton beam: A directed energy weapon considered for possible use against the Borg during the Borg offensive of 2367.

High-energy X-ray laser: Coherent energy beam weapon.

Isokinetic cannon: Weapon capable of penetrating shields of heavily armored vessels.

Isolytic subspace weapon: Weapon of mass destruction. Isolytic subspace weapons were highly unpredictable and could cause dangerous tears in the subspace fabric.

Isomagnetic disintegrator: Large shoulder mounted directed energy weapon used by the Federation.

Kligat: Three-sided bladed weapon used by tribal warriors on planet Capella IV. At ranges up to 100 meters, the kligat could be thrown with deadly accuracy.

Krenim temporal weapon ship: In an alternate timeline, an incredibly powerful weapon of mass destruction. The ship created a focused temporal shockwave that actually removed an object from the continuum. Not only did the object disappear from history, but all effects of that object throughout the timeline also vanished.

Laser weapons: Energy weapon used aboard early Federation starships. These took the form of pistol side arms, as well as larger artillery sized cannons. "Laser" was originally an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers had been replaced by phaser weapons by at least 2265.

Locator bomb: Sophisticated antipersonnel weapon capable of seeking out a specific person and detonating a sorium argine explosive to kill the target. The locator bomb used sensors designed to lock on to the target's pheromones.

Merculite rockets: Obsolete weapons system found in older spacecraft.

Metagenic weapon: Sophisticated biological weapon using genetically engineered viruses, designed to destroy any form of DNA. These viruses could mutate rapidly and were believed able to destroy entire ecosystems within days.

Microvirus: A genetically engineered murder weapon designed to attack only cells with a very specific DNA sequence.

Molecular decay detonator: A technology used exclusively in Romulan weapons.

Neutral particle weapons: Ship mounted weapons in use aboard Talarian warships such as the Q'Maire in 2367.

Paralysis field: Weapon that the Kelvans used against the Enterprise crew to gain control of the starship in 2268. The weapon blocked nerve impulses to the voluntary muscles.

Phaser: Acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification, a directed energy weapon used by the Federation Starfleet and others. Phasers were used as side arms by Starfleet personnel. Most such weapons were either phaser type-1, otherwise known as hand phasers, which were used primarily when conspicuous weapons were undesirable, or the larger, more powerful phaser type-2, formerly known as pistol phasers. Phaser type-2 weapons were capable of power settings as high as 16. Type-3 phasers, also known as phaser rifles, were seldom used. Large ship mounted phaser weapons, often called phaser banks, were standard equipment aboard many Starfleet vessels. By 2367, the effective tactical range of shipboard phaser banks, and most directed energy weapons, was about 300,000 kilometers,about one light-second. Due to the great power and utility of smaller phaser side arms, phaser rifles were rarely necessary on Starfleet missions.

Phaser type-1: Small handheld weapon used by Starfleet personnel, circa 2266, who preferred not to appear conspicuously armed, as in diplomatic functions. Like all such weapons, phaser type-1 could be adjusted to a variety of settings including stun, heat, and disruption. Some versions of phaser type-1 were designed to fit into a pistol grip unit, forming the more powerful phaser type-2.

Phaser type-2: Pistol type weapon that was used by Starfleet personnel. Significantly more powerful than the tiny phaser type-1, the phaser pistol actually incorporated the phaser 1 into its design. Like all handheld phaser weapons, phaser 2 could be adjusted to a variety of settings including stun, heat, and disruption.

Phaser type-3: Handheld rifle weapon. Extremely powerful, seldom necessary on Starfleet missions due to the power of the smaller type-1 and type-2 phasers.

Phaser type-4: medium sized phaser emitter device, mountable on small vehicles such as shuttlecraft, although not part of most shuttles' standard equipment.

Photon torpedo: Tactical weapon used by Federation starships. Photon torpedoes are self-propelled missiles containing a small quantity of matter and antimatter bound together in a magnetic bottle, launched at warp speed at a target. Photon torpedoes are usually the weapon of choice when a ship is at warp drive, since they are not limited by the speed of light. The warhead can be removed from a photon torpedo, leaving a small, high speed missile that can be used as an instrumented probe, to transport small objects and can even be used for burials in space Galaxy class starships are capable of simultaneously launching up to 10 photon torpedoes from a single launch tube. Each torpedo can be independently targeted. A Galaxy class starship is normally equipped with 275 photon torpedoes.

Pistol: Handheld weapon that used a small chemical explosive to propel a metal pellet. One variety of these weapons, known as a double-action cavalry pistol, circa 1873, was found in a subterranean cavern on Earth in 2368.

Police Special: Ancient Earth hand weapon that fired lead bullets propelled by expanding gasses.

Pulse-wave torpedo: Explosive device used by a Vulcan spaceship in a futile attempt to repair a subspace rupture in 2169. A pulse wave torpedo was also used when a subspace rupture was believed to have formed near DS9 in 2369.

Quantum torpedo: Advanced weaponry developed by Starfleet in the late 2360s. Quantum torpedoes employed an energetic local release of the zero point energy field. The quantum effect tends to be more effective then conventional anti-mater explosives in penetrating deflector shields.

Romulan Disruptors: Favored by the Romulans as their standard issue energy weapon. The disruptor uses microscopic amounts of antimatter to rip through charged plasma which is focused through a discharge crystal. The beam, if set on the lowest setting can cause concussion with mild neural shock; on the higher settings it can cut through metal, cause lethal thermal damage or even disintegrate a person. Romulan disruptors however leave a trace residue of anti-protons which linger for several hours after the weapon is fired. Used as both Pistols and Rifles, the disruptor rifle sports a lengthened firing chamber, a larger power cartridge and a forward hand grip to increase accuracy when aiming. Like other A characteristic of Romulan devices is that the disruptor cannot replenish its energy through recharging it power cell. Instead the Romulans use magnetically sealed anti_matter power cartridges. A Romulan disruptor can be fired on one of three settings: Standard beam - single blast of energy, Pulse - fired as a ball of energy that uses more energy but causes more damage, Continuous Beam - increases accuracy while using a standard beam which remains in affect for as long as required. Romulan Disruptors can be set to overload by setting the antimatter release at its highest level yet not discharging the energy through a beam, this causes detonation in 30 seconds or less.

Sonic disruptor: Handheld weapon used by civil authorities on the planet Eminiar VII.

Subspace proximity detonator: Triggering mechanism employed by small explosive devices used in the Koinonian war a thousand years ago.

Theragen: Nerve gas used by the Klingons, instantly lethal if used in its pure form. a diluted form of theragen mixed with alcohol to deaden certain nerve inputs to the brain in an effort to prevent madness

Tholian web: Energy field used by the Tholians to entrap enemy spacecraft.

Tri-cobalt satellite: Energy weapon in the war between the planets Vendikar and Eminiar VII that ended in 2267.

Triceron: An explosive compound.

Ultritium: A powerful chemical explosive. Virtually undetectable by transporter scanners, large amounts of ultritium were found in the robes of the Antidean delegation to the Pacifica conference of 2365.

Varon-T disruptor: A small pistol, banned in the Federation. A vicious weapon, the Varon-T disrupted the body from the inside out, causing a slow and painful death.

Veridium Six: A slow acting, cumulative poison. The poison has no antidote.

Winchester: Brand name for a rifle used on 19th century Earth.