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The Xenolithe

The Xenolithe is a Warrior race, born and bred to kill and maim. They stand between 6 - 8 feet tall, and are typically a beige or tan color. They have retractable claws, and *love* to use those claws in close combat so they can shred their opponents. They also, however, have high technology and disruptor type weapons that they are not at all afraid to use.

They are utterly fearless, it was often posted that the only emotion they felt was pain and rage, both made them better fighters.

They are strong enough to rip into a Marine BDU, which is exceptionally strong to begin with. They can lift a 350 lbs man over their head with no effort and toss them several dozen feet.

They are exceptionally fast, natural hunters, very dexterous.

They have a heavy bone structure, including a bony plate extending across their entire chest that protects their multiple-redundant inner organs. They have at least three hearts, two liver... they are something like Klingons with multiple organs for redundancy. Therefore, it is very hard to actually stun them into unconsciousness, and even harder to kill them.

They have complete hunters instinct, they love to stalk and they will follow their prey forever if necessary. They tend to be very bloody when they do capture someone. In firefights, they are typically very skilled and strait-shooting.

They have a language, typically gutteral and extends into the higher harmonics. If their pray is known to be sensitive to sound, then they will 'scream' in such a way that freezes or hurts the hearing of those they are fighting.

They are warp capable. Their ships (when not using Nageri) are typically warships with extreme emphasis placed on Weapons and defense. The most ever posted was a Xenolithe ship being capable of warp 9, but it's entirely possible that they could match the top speed of Federation ships.

At least two factions/hives of the Xenolathe exist, engaged in what can best be described as a civil war. One side is aligning itself with a current Federation enemy, while the other side is making an attempt to befriend the Federation. The reasons for the civil war is the same as the motives for the American Civil War: slavery. In this case, the Xenolithe are using another race, called the Nageri, as living starships. The Xenolathe use these creatures as biotech spaceships. Cybernetic implants that are biotechnological in nature allow the Xenolithe to control the Nageri. One faction of the Xenolithe want to continue using the Nageri as slaves. The other faction wants to free the Nageri, and has taken to using constructed starships in order to avoid the moral issues at the core of this dispute.