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Yayla Nollys is the Assisstant Science Officer on board the USS Spectre



ACSO, Lt. Yayla Nollys

Since the age of two, Yayla was bounced around to different homes. Her mother (Nyla Nollys) and father (Taranak Dukont) could neither afford to support her as an extra addition to the family, nor could they take care of themselves. Being forced to give Yayla up at a young age, they regretted the decision they had made, but had little choice in the matter. Because of the fighting between both Nyla and Taranak over the choice to give Yayla up, they eventually drove themselves further apart and went their separate directions.

Too young to understand at the time, Yayla lived in approximately three homes before she was eventually on the streets herself, living in the shadows of her own mother and father. Before it came down to this, the first two homes Yayla was placed in were unsatisfactory. The first set of parents she was placed with ended up dead from going into battle. The second set she was placed with died from disease on a virus stricken home world. By this time Yayla was four years old and just starting to understand the concept of having a family. Not only was Yayla forced into three different strangers’ homes, she was also forced into leaving and going to different planets just to satisfy whoever wanted to take her in. After her second set of parents were killed by the disease, she was then placed with her third and final set. They however, were not like anyone she had ever been around. At first they were nice, and took care of her. Then as she grew older, they started breaking her in to the habits of which they instilled in their other children. Doing constant work and being abused as punishment, Yayla tried to convince the other children to leave with her. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but was prepared to do whatever it took to leave the system and cycle of life that seemed to await her. Too scarred to leave, the other children stayed behind, leaving Yayla all alone to escape the torturous punishment she knew she’d face if she ever got caught. Her plan was simple: go to school, and then never come home. Doing just that, she never went home that night, running as fast as she could away from her home and everyone who knew her, hoping running away would give her a better life.

Now six years old, she was forced to fend for herself. She desperately needed food and clothing, and did whatever she could to make sure she had the necessities. Staying hidden in the shadows, she lived her life like this until she was 17 years old. By this time in her life, she now had adapted to having more street smarts than educational smarts. Recognizing the need to better herself, she started to take herself to a form of schooling at a younger age, where she met a wonderful teacher willing to take her in. Refusing to let anyone get near her because of her past, she declined the invitation, and instead went back to her ‘home’ every night. Eventually, when she hit 17 years of age, it had been years that had passed, and Yayla decided to accept the invitation.

Living with her teacher at the time turned out to be the best decision she could’ve made in a long time. Tired of running and jumping from ‘home’ to ‘home’, Yayla finally felt like she was able to better her life and set down some of her own roots. This was when she was encouraged to join Starfleet. Yayla had heard of the group several times, but was never too keen on the idea of fighting, as she was so tired of doing that for herself. However with the better understanding and knowledge she gained from her teacher combined with her own efforts to make her life better, she decided to apply to the Academy at the age of 19.

Starfleet History[edit]

Graduating on stardate 2404.06.28, Yayla took a break before being placed on a small ship as a security officer. Security being her main love, she worked hard; long hours like everyone else did to make sure things ran smoothly. That was until she encountered her first big battle, in which towards the end they had either lost or were depleted in the security area, as well as every other area. Having to step it up a notch, Yayla was only a crewman put in charge of several tasks that had to be accomplished. In the end, Yayla was commended for her bravery during the battle and promoted to Ensign (jg). However even after all was said and done, the experience forced Yayla to wonder if this area of field was right for her. She herself had nearly lost her life in the battle experience. Deciding to stick with TAC/SC for awhile longer, she spent another whole year and a half serving on the same ship doing the same job, eventually being promoted to Ensign (sg). Finally, before she would get her next promotion, they were once again at battle, only this time within the ranks. A mutiny ensued and she was forced to choose a side. The problem was, she chose the opposite side of her friend. They were essentially at battle against one another. As time passed, it came down to the point where they looked each other in the eyes, forced to survive the others’ life threatening attempts. In midst fight with her friend, her life was threatened as a knife was pulled. Her upper left arm being slashed, she was able to retrieve the knife and unfortunately turn it on her friend, protecting herself from any further harm. Deciding to keep the scare as a sentiment, Yayla then decided she wanted to try doing her next love; science.

On stardate 2407.01.03 Yayla was then transferred to the USS Spectre as a Lieutenant (Jg) working as ACSO. Under the command of Captain Remae Ktell, she is still currently in her position, working against Doenitz and his forces.

Other Information[edit]

Star Trek Freedom Bio[edit]

Character Physical Description

Name: Yayla Nollys

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 Lbs.

Blood Color: Red

Skin Color: Caucasion

Physical Description: Yayla is tall yet slender. She is very athletic and keeps in shape to maintain her build. She has red short hair that comes down mid-neck and green eyes. Yayla also has a battle scar on her left upper arm, which she decided to keep because of "sentiment."

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background: Yayla is usually kept to herself and has a general bad attitude, also kept to herself. Orphaned as a child, she learned to take care of herself before someone took her in and helped her through tough times. That's how she discovered and joined Starfleet in attempts to better herself.

Education: She has not had much education in the fact that she was orphaned as a child. However she did get some finishing education when her friend took her in. Since then she's only been through Starfleet Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History: N/A. Finishing school only.

Starfleet History: Yayla did not care much to expand her education beyond her current major. However she has expanded since joining Starfleet.

Medical History: Scar on upper left arm.

Skills: Nollys is very skilled in tacticle moves, though not her current major in Starfleet, she prides herself on knowing self defense.

Hobbies: She likes practicing strategic tacticle moves in the holodeck and reading about different cultures and diversities of people.

General Notes: A very mean woman whether it be necessary or not.