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22nd June 2006:
  • Utopia Planitia has been launched, with lots of excitement, and that excitment doesn't stop at the Wiki. To help keep UP pages clear from the rest of the wiki, a special sub-main page (or portal, in wiki nerd talk) was created. You can find it at Portal: Utopia Planitia.
  • Those who have characters in Utopia Planitia can find themselves a new Player Infobox. The template is called 'Template: Infobox UP Player'. You can add it to your userpage by adding {{Infobox UP Player}}
  • A quick note, if you create a new article and misspell, please use the 'Move' button at the top of the page. This will move your article, without leaving a blank orphaned page behind. This makes a little less work for the Wiki Admin Team (mostly Anthony).
17th Febuary 2006:
  • There has been many updates (bigger and smaller) to existing pages through the recent days. The entries for several ships and stations where updated (those well know, and those less know).
  • Please, when creating a new entry use as much links as possible - even if you don't know if a page/entry corresponding to the link will ever be created - link! In future somebody may see that the link points to a non-existing entry, and will update that entry her/himself. This is very important - the basis for the whole Wiki system are the links which enable the reader to seemlessly travel from one entry to another. Don't accumulate massive amount of data in one place - instead, try to separate it into different entries for ease of refference. Remember this is not suppose to be a book-like but encyclopedia-like system.
  • For those that haven't noticed it yet, there is a small but handy feature available in the toolbox (the box on the left, below the searchbox) when you open the "Recent changes" menu: an RSS and ATOM feeds just sitting there ready to be eaten by your browsers/newsreaders :)
12th Febuary 2006:
  • Many people got involved into this Wiki in the recent days, and there has been a great amount of small changes recently. People are putting up their characters' entries, update details about the ships in the Fleet, and much of general information concerning the 52nd Fleet, its history and the history of The Civil War have been updated. Not the mention all the technical details the crew is constantly working on...
  • A fragment of what one of the Game Council Members (Anthony) said about this Wiki system recently:
"The wiki continues to grow and its becoming a seriously large extension of the website, if you've not checked it out recently, I ask you to do so :)
One of the cool things about the wiki is the newsletter, which allows anyone to add their own information, tell the world about yourself by answering some of the questions in there!"
  • There is a new Player Infobox for players who have their characters serving within any of the in-game Marines groups. It still awaits approval by our Wiki expert but the template ( {{Template:Infobox Marines Player}} ) can be used already.
3rd Febuary 2006:
21st January 2006:
20th January 2006:
27th December 2005: