Darla Wright

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Lieutenant Darla Wright
Lieutenant Darla Wright
Name: Darla Wright
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Birthplace: San Francisco, Earth
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 135 lbs
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: White
Current rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Acting CEO
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Darla is a moderately pretty human woman. She is athletically tone. She long blond hair and clear blue eyes. She normally smiles, but that smile has been known to hide a keen wit and a very volatile temper when irritated.


Darla was the only child of Erica and Donald Wright. As such, she was spoilt beyond belief. She had a very easy childhood, and adolescence. It wasn't until she joined Starfleet that she actually had to do something entirely on her own.


Darla's parents agreed to allow her to study engineering, only provided that she would become a engineer working in her father's architectural and Engineering Firm. Darla agreed and her parents paid for her to attend the University of California at San Francisco.

Darla graduated with honors, 3rd in her academic class. She had served as Class president and homecoming queen two of the four years that she attended university.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

Darla had a jeweled life. She spent all of her childhood in San Francisco, where she was born. During the summers, she would accompany her parents to whatever exotic location they had selected to have their vactions. She never wanted anything that she didn't have handed to her. As a result she was a very spoiled individual until the time that she joined Starfleet. After attending The University of California and graduating with an Applied Engineering degree, she went to work for her father's Engineering firm, New skylines, Inc. After three months, she was bored out of her mind and was talked into Joining starfleet academy by a friend. At first she dismissed the idea until, she was told that she was afraid of failing and couldn't stand to be away from moomy and daddy because life would be too hard and she might chip a nail.


Darla joined the Academy against her parent's wishes. It was generally believed that Darla was unable to fend for herself, and at first that almost proved to be true. Without her father's money, gifts and approval, Darla struggled through her first year at the academy. It was only after some of her fellow cadets, banded to gether to teach her how to do things on her own, that Darla began to grow as an independant person. While barely avoiding washing out in her first year, she improved over the subsequent 3 years at the acedmy. She seemed to grasp the concepts of warp and systems engineering without difficulty. It was the social aspects that she had struggled with in her early year at the Academy. Determined not to prove her parent's right, she worked hard and managed to graduate the academy, third from the bottom of her class.

Darla was assigned to the USS Hades, which was then commanded by captain Saleke. Under the mentorship of the Ship's Chief Engineer, Norman Harper, she eventually began to risein rank and responsibilities. She served aboard the Hades during the Battle of Sector 001, which brought the Federation Civil War to an end. By the end of the Civil war she had become the Gamma Shift leader for Engineering.

Upon the resignation of Chief Norman Harper, she assumed the position of Acting Chief Engineer for the USS Hades


Darla had all the normal childhood sickness and has recovered from them all without incident. She has never been seriously injured and has no medical issues of note. She is psychologically stable, although a bit co-dependant with friends. She has an ongoing disagreement with her parents which have disowned her due to her decision to join starfleet.


Darla loves shopping and fashion. She never misses any chance to buy a new dress and is always careful to properly accessorize. Darla, also enjoys, going to dance clubs on the Holodeck. Her favorite club is "The Body Shop". She is a fair dancer and a very accomplished gymnast. She also enjoys the ancient hobby of "scrapbooking"


Darla may not be the most accomplished engineer in the department, but she understands people. her greatest skill is that she knows how to utilize the right people for a given job. She has a strong basis in Engineering, and is not a bad engineer by any means, she simply isn't an exceptional one. Darla also knows exactly what to wear to every occassion. Her personality has won her many friends and she prides herself on her ability to 'talk to anyone.'

Awards and Commendations:[edit]