Guardian Angels

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Life and Death[edit]

What originally appeared to be just another quiet morning soon changed to Captain Chris Gibb making an abrupt appearance on the bridge putting the ship on high alert and changing the ship's course to Melnos IV. Everyone's morning immediately became much busier as the Captain called a mission briefing for the Senior Staff.

Soon after the team learned of the emergency rescue mission to rescue Starfleet research teams that had been pinned down by the planet's recent atmospheric surface fires. The USS Hades was the closest ship and therefore dispatched for the rescue mission. Upon arrival the crew split into three away teams utilizing Marine Drop Ships to begin the rescue efforts.

Away Team 1 Away Team 2 Away Team 3
Captain Chris Gibb Commander Tian Noble Commander Steven Wade Matrix
Lieutenant Adrian Lanney Master Chief Petty Officer Janey Brown Lieutenant Aimee Bracken
Lieutenant Tylier Conley Commander Detron Trei Commander Henry Jacobs