Harry Samuel Doorman

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Ensign Harry Samuel Doorman
Harry Doorman
Name: Harry Samuel Doorman (Tan Elbron)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Geneva Switzerland, Earth
Species: Human (Betazoid)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 70kg
Blood Color: Red
Skin Color: Caucasian
Current rank: Ensign
Current Position: Science Officer
Assignment: USS Hades
The USS Hades
Status: Active

Physical Description:[edit]

Caucasian Skin tone, Short Curly red hair, light Hazel colored eyes. No distinguishing marks or scars. It is believed that this is not how Harry Doorman originally looked. In fact, there is now strong evidence that his appearance has been significantly altered from what it originally was prior to 2407.


Harold and Janice Doorman. No Siblings. Harry believes that these are his parents, however, recently he has discovered that the memories of these people are implants. His actual parents appear to have been high-ranking members of SFI, who perished under the Doenitz regieme.


Degree in Astrophysics, Theoretical Mathematics. Astrogation.

Pre Starfleet:[edit]

Harry's history is complicated. At best guess he was the only child of a married copule, both of whom were high-ranking Starfleet Officers within Star Fleet Intelligence. It is believed that they used their influence to have their son hidden from Doentiz just prior to his take-over of the Federation Government. As part of this Harry was cosmetically altered to change his appearance and he was sent to Vulcan. On Vulcan he was subjected to several mind altering techniques which suppressed his prior personality (Tan Elbron) and established another James Morgan. When the Morgan personae failed to take root, Harry was once again subjected to Mental conditioning that established his current identity of Harry Doorman. Once the change was successful, Doorman was serrepticiously added to the Vulcan Academy Rosters and graduated into the 52nd Fleet, where he was pl;aced under the special care of Captain Devon Sash, a long-time friend of his original parents, Although Sash is unaware of Doorman's original identity.


  • Accepted to Starfleet Academy, Vulcan Campus on Stardate 2402.6.19 .
  • Admission was approved by V'lar, Commandant Academy, Vulcan Campus
  • Graduated with honors on Stardate 2405.03.19. Class Ranking 3 of 250 Commission granted to Ensign (sg) on Stardate 2406.08.13
  • Assigned to USS Nimitz NCC -75878-E on Stardate 2406.10.01 as Astrometrics Specialist
  • Reported USS Nimitz NCC-75878-E on Stardate 2406.10.01

During his time aboard the USS Nimitz Harry participated in the successful rescue of Dru Tagon along with several other members of the ship's crew. It was during that mission that he was affected by the mental powers of Councelor Lironen and was nearly successful in comitting suicide as a result of the emergence of his suppressed personalities.


Physiologically Harry is a Betazed, although he sports genetic markers that to the casual eye make him appear to be human such as his red hair. Harry has suffered severe mental disorders as a result of his encounter aboard the Hegh'Delar, where he nearly committed suicide by ejecting himself out of an airlock without protection. He was rescued by Tom Jackson.


Oil Painting and Sketching, Holosuite novels


Doorman barely passed his qualification for his phaser rating. His self-defense rating is only slightly better. He is however an excellent mathematician capable of performing extremely complex mathematical equations without mechanical aid. He is very observant. He is excellent at Physics and navigation. He is a skilled shuttlecraft pilot. in addition to all of these things, it appears that Harry was selected by his parents to carry critical information concerning members of the resistence movement within Starfleet Command opposing Doenitz in his head. This did not become apparent until the information was activated with a hypnotic trigger that caused him to suddenly become aware of the data that he carried. The information assisted the 52nd fleet in identifying their allies remaining behind on earth during the Federation Civil War,


Attempts to find records concerning Harry's origins have been unsuccessful. Likewise, concerning the identities of his parents, although small clues have been found giving him some inkling of his own past.

After the Civil War and the destruction of the USS Nimitz, Harry was reassigned to the USS Hades

Awards and Commendations:[edit]