Hyrim Kuln

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Hyrim Kuln
Name: Hyrim Kuln
Rank: Merchant Admiral
Awards: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 71
Position: CEO: K&K Intersteller Shipping.
Ship: IMS Circe (Merchantman)
Status: Inactive:
"Why can't people just follow orders without questioning me?"
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Hyrim Kuln was an only child who was raised by his father. Kuln never knew his mother who died shortly after he was born but shared a close and loving relationship with his father who was a Federation Civil Engineer.

As such much of Kuln’s childhood was spent moving around from one assignment after another, never settling in one place to long. Another peculiarity of his upbringing was that he spent much of his time on space stations or starships and in his first twenty years of life he spent less then two years on the surface of a planet.

Unlike his father Kuln was never interested in becoming an engineer. Although he learned a lot from his father and to this day makes use of some of the skills he learned, Kuln was more interested in the field of operations and command and control. Demanding, confident and a natural leader, Hyrim Kuln knew from a young age that he wanted to be a facilitator not a follower.

At twenty Kuln took the entrance exam to the University of Notre Dame and was accepted.

Notre Dame:[edit]

Working his way through college Kuln earned an MBA and went on to earn a second masters degree in Federation Law. He graduated with a GPA of 3.47. While at Notre Dame Kuln met and married his first wife Linda who was a Xenobiologist.

Tri-Worlds Financial:[edit]

Kuln started his career as an investment manager over numerous moderate yield funds used for various forms of investments. Within a few short years Kuln’s expertise paid off and three of the four funds that he managed had increased the yearly values by an average of nineteen percent. Promoted to Vice-President Kuln went on to manage his own office as well as adding several more high yield funds to his management portfolio.

While his professional life was one of success his personal life was less than successful and his wife Linda divorced him after less than five years of marriage.

After nearly nine years with Tri-Worlds, Kuln was offered a position with procurement and Planitia Utopia. It was an offer he could not refuse.

Planitia Utopia:[edit]

At Planitia Utopia Kuln took on a new role as the Executive Vice President in charge of procurement. It was also during this time that Kuln met his second wife Natalie and the two wed only six months after meeting.

Much of Kuln’s work during this time period centered around the construction of Starbases and Space Stations. While ostensibly in charge of seeing to the supply and financial needs of these projects Kuln often took a more active role in the construction of these facilities. Within four years Kuln was once again divorced but was also the President in charge of Planitia Utopia’s SB&S department.

After an additional six years with Planitia Utopia, Kuln became embroiled in a bitter dispute with the treasurer and COO of Planitia Utopia, which led to his resignation just ahead of being fired.

United Federation Penal System:[edit]

Within two months of leaving Utopia Planitia Kuln was serving as the Assistant Operations Officer on the Pluto Orbital Penal facility. It was a step down in many respects for Kuln but he took it in stride and as in the past he excelled and advanced. Within a year he was the facility’s Operations Officer and by the time he left three years later he was the Assistant Administrator.

When Kuln left Pluto he took his third wife Gwen with him to their new posting on Venasso XJ-017 where Kuln served as the Assistant Administrator. During his three years at Venasso Kuln began cultivating contacts and making friends throughout the UFPS.

By the time Kuln left for his next posting at Loris Minor XJ-025 he had built a reputation as someone to watch and he arrived at his new posting as it’s Administrator and with his fourth wife Belinda. Kuln faced many challenges during his time at Loris Minor. One of the oldest facilities in the Penal System, Loris Minor was plagued with breakdowns and mechanical failures of all types. It was also at Loris that Kuln faced his next challenge he had at long last become a father.

When Loris Minor was finally decommissioned five years later Kuln was a family man and had a son and a daughter with his wife Belinda.

Djorn Major:[edit]

Djorn Major was one of the newest and most modern facilities in the UFPS when Kuln took over as its Administrator. Its record however was far from exemplary. Before Kuln’s take-over the facility was known as one of the most violent of Federation penal facilities, with inmate murders, riots and escapes being an almost every day occurrence.

With the previous three Administrators found guilty of embezzling funds from the stations operational budget, Djörn Major XJ-003 was on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse when Kuln took command. It took Kuln less than three months to turn the facility around and for over twenty years he ruled the facility with an iron fist.

Within five years of arriving at Djorn Major, Kuln was once again divorced, with Belinda and his children returned to Earth without him. With the exception of the occasional visit, Kuln became more and more isolated as he concentrated on the day-to-day business of running his station.

While Kuln’s primary concern was the running of the facility he also began investing heavily during this time period drawing upon his previous experience with Tri-Worlds and within a few short years he was able to provide his ex-wife and children with a luxurious life style back on Earth while providing himself with numerous creature comforts and luxuries.

For the rest of his time at Djorn Major Kuln did what he did best, while building a sterling reputation as one of the most successful Orbital Prison Administrators to ever serve in the United Federation Penal System. With an investment portfolio worth millions Kuln was at the height of his career, wealth and personal power when his facility was chosen to become host to Lt. Dru Tagon, who was to be the trigger for the Djorn Major Incident.

A New Beginning:[edit]

Kuln was more than a little surprised to receive an offer to go into business with his former Assistant Administrator during the climax of the assault upon Djorn Major. After giving the offer serious thought Kuln joined Krell, departing Djorn Major aboard the IMS Circe. Later Kuln and Krell reorganized the company with Kuln as Chief Executive Officer and Krell as its Chief Operations Officer. Ordering their small fleet of Merchantmen outside of Federation space the company is currently reorganizing and setting up a new base of operations.

Kuln's Final Post:[edit]

Mission: For a Friend,

Day 3

Stardate: 2407.03.09

(USS Circe – Deck 1, Bridge – Administrator Kuln – 0820)

Kuln was released by the blue/white haze of the transporter beam and the change from damaged dark corridors to pristine bulkheads of the bridge was instantaneous. After the initial disorientation, Kuln realised where he was. ~This is the beginning of our new future~ he thought as he took his first glance around the people he assumed were technically in Krell’s employ.

A woman stood up from the seat in the centre of the bridge. Kuln guessed that she was the Captain of the Circe, or at least it’s temporary commander. “It’s about time you got here Krell!” She spoke sharply and Kuln decided to let his assistant do the talking.

“Hello Linda, it’s been too long. I see you still have a deplorable lack of patience.” Krell was smooth in his speech, as he always was. It was obvious to Kuln that he knew how to handle her.

Kuln stepped away from Krell and began to examine the bridge that he had been beamed to. It was sparsely manned, and Kuln figured that there wouldn’t be a full compliment aboard. This was a designated trading ship and not a Starfleet vessel, even though it still used one as it’s shell.

“Especially when there’s a lot of shooting going on. Can we get out of here now?” It was almost a rhetorical question, but as she spoke Kuln could tell her words trailed off somewhat. It was at that point Kuln could feel that he was being watched. He turned toward the inquisitive gaze of the woman Krell called Linda, and he returned it stonily.

“I think it might be best if we did leave now,” agreed Krell as he moved passed the woman and seated himself in the command position.

Kuln continued to return the stare of the commander until she finally gave in and looked away. Kuln allowed himself this small win over his new colleague and smiled as Krell began to issue orders to the helm and the communications officer. It was then that Kuln turned to notice that two other officers were not looking at him.

Just as Kuln was about to smack one of them in the face and demand they look elsewhere, Krell decided to make introductions, “Crewman, this is Admiral Kuln. His personal affects are currently in Transporter Room Two along with my belongings. Please see to it that his belongings are transferred to the Admirals Quarters and that mine are transferred to the Captains Quarters.”

Kuln was a little surprised at Krells reference to Admiral. He liked it, but it still sounded strange. He had never thought of himself so highly as it would appear that Krell did now. He smiled and made his way toward the second officer seat beside Krell. “Admiral if you’d like to take a seat we’ll get underway,” said Krell noticing the approach of Kuln.

Kuln nodded and spoke for the first time, “Thank you Captain.” He lowered himself into the seat and was surprised at how comfortable it was. As he settled himself a little more he noticed that this seat had built in command functions and suddenly Kuln began to feel in a great deal of control.

It was at that point that Krell gave the final order, “Helm get us out of here.”

The impulse engines of the Circe instantly fired up and the ship banked away from the Station. With little hesitation, the warp nacelles built up their charge, and as a successful warp field was quickly established, the USS Circe jumped to warp speed and soon left the Cortus system behind, it’s destination a new future for Kuln and Krell.

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(posted by Dave)

NRPG: And here lies the last post from Administrator Kuln. He was a joy to play and who knows, he may pop up in future missions in his new role and trade mogul, along with Krell :D :D


Hyrim Kuln is a lover of art, specifically sculptures and paintings. He also enjoys stage and opera. Preferring card games Kuln has uncanny skills at poker, blackjack and whist.

Medical History:[edit]

Kuln is in excellent physical condition for his age and he has never suffered from a serious illness of injury.


Hyrim Kuln was played by Dave Cherrington during the "For a Friend" mission.