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Ensign Sg Jessica Signos

Jessica Signos

  • Vital Statistics
    • Age: 25
    • Gender: Female
    • Birthplace: Earth
  • Physical Information
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Height: 5 feet
    • Weight: 99 lbs
    • Skin Color: White


  • Vital Statistics
    • Age: 25
    • Gender: Female
    • Birthplace: Earth
  • Physical Information
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Height: 5 feet
    • Weight: 99 lbs
    • Skin Color: White
"I have lived in the darkest places, done the darkest of deeds, lived the darkest of lies, and In the end I know that only I can bring my salvation."
— Jessica Signos
Note: Any information in Gold denotes details pertinent to Jessica's alternate personality, Lily

Physical Description:[edit]

Jessica is often mistaken has a well developed child from a distance. Her eyes sparkle like sapphires, and her hair is long midnight black. Jessica's build is well defined by sharp curves and whip cord muscles as a result of intense training in several styles of martial arts and forms of dance. She has been training since the age of five.

There are a few physical differences between the two personalities. These differences are genetically hardwired into the Signos Strand, so that it is fairly easy for Section 31 Operatives to identify which of the two personalities are in control of the Signos body. Among the obvious changes are a change in eye color and hair color. Lily's eyes are a deep Lavender and her hair takes on silver streaks.


Little is known about Jessica's parents are the odd circumstances that surround their death. What is known is that Jessica is the union between her father which was a black op solder of significant rank, and her mother an exotic dancer of more than a little renown. It is from these two influences in her life that Jessica is trained in dance and martial arts.

At the age of fifteen Jessica was kidnapped against her parents will to being the process of training and the telepathic instillation of a second personality that would be loyal to Section 31... Lily.

During which time Jessica's parents had to be dealt with. During a strong Florida hurricane, a power conduit was blew, arced, and back feed into the power grid. This back feed caused an explosion at the Signos home and both of Jessica's parents were killed. The blown power conduit was blamed and on the Hurricane and it was all covered under an unhappy accident during an disaster. Some made other accusations but little held and soon such accusation were silenced.

Jessica continued her schooling under the watchful eyes of S31 at a private academy. While Lily accomplished once mission after another for S31, has a now fully trained assassin. Until Her last mission lead to the hit of a high ranking corporate exec. that had plans on over throwing the federation. Jessica/Lily after the mission were accepted into the federation has a way to hide Lily's existence and to keep Jessica's genetic abnormality safe.

Section 31's interest in Jessica came during this time when she was still a child and the possible discovery of a freak biological mutation that once activated would slow the aging process to a near stop. To Section 31 the possibilities of were endless especially if they could harness the mutation and learn how to instill it into future operatives in the future extending the operation age of their operatives greatly.


Starfleet Academy, public elementary and middle school, private dance. Private martial arts- Private academy (Sanctioned by Section31) schooled until accepted into Starfleet Academy.


Right before entering Starfleet she did whatever was need to get accepted and out-run what had become her life. Always finding it out that how many people will try to take advantage of those that appear small and weak.


Jessica is currently assigned to the USS Rosenante under the command of Captain Salid.


Jessica's Medical History... She lived a normal life till the age of 13. When a dormant gene mutation took affect when she enter her adolescent years. This mutation all but stopped her aging process... Her youth was to be forever preserved but at what cost. Initial attempts to return her to the physical body her age called for only succeed in a painful, rapid aging process. That brought her close to the physical appearance she has now.

It was also theorized, due to that treatment, that this same mutation that preserves her youth would be the one to kill her. It is also believed that because of the existence of this mutation that Section 31 took an interest into Jessica and used telepathy and advanced behavioral modification to instill a second personality within Jessica's mind named Lily. Other than this Jessica as Lily has suffered from a array of broken bones, bumps, bruises and some phaser fire from her time with S31. All of which have been repaired by S31 doctors. Lily was programmed into Jessica at the age of 15 so Lily has only been around for 10 years.


Jessica hobbies are due to the life she shared with her parents to include Phaser design and mechanics, dance, martial art practice/ sparring, holonovels: ( fantasy, romance, medieval, etc.), Shopping ( Which girl doesn't ), Roaming the Ship in light flowing dresses in her off duty hours.

Lily has developed a deep seated love for song and the art of singing, which, over the last ten years, she has grown quite proficient.


They are proficient in several styles of dance: Acrobatics,Gymnastics, ballet, Jazz... Martial arts to include Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mo tai Kickboxing...

Jessica's Missions[edit]

Mission 1: Coming Soon[edit]

Mission 2: Just Another Saturday Night[edit]

New Years, a time for reflection and a time people make promises to change themselves for the better. Jessica was still new to the Boudicca has the turn of the year came around, and the mighty ship make dock at Station 989. Jessica was in wonder with every new place that they visited and each new thing she saw. The last six months for the most part had been quite, and the ideal of getting some time on the Station to relax and maybe meet some new people was appealing, has word had it the Rosenanate was also to be there.

Jessica made her way around the station getting her bearings, when she wondered into the Country Cork, an old fashioned Irish pub. There She noticed several people from her ship celebrating the coming of the new year. She had just finished dancing and made her way to the Bar when entered a young man in a World War II outfit, with red hair. He pulled up the seat next to Jessica and what started with a friendly hello, turned into hours long conversation. As the two discussed family, career goals, and what it was like to appear younger than you were. With every new subject they discussed they found a similarity, but while similar there was enough differences to make the conversation interesting. Jessica started to feel comfortable around this man, Eian O'neil, who she found out was from the Rosenanate, and when the ball dropped. She found herself in his arms kissing him deeply. It was one of the boldest moments in her life, and one of the ones that just felt right.

Then about an hour later the power when out...

The station erupted has what was a peaceful party turned into a full out riot. Isolated from there respected ships. Eian and Jessica decided to do what was need to help on the Station. Since Eian was an Engineer it was decided that the two would make there way to engineering to find out what exactly happened and attempt to restore power. They crawled though the stations jeffires tubes which is were they found the Vexarak Spoilers that caused the problem on the station, they attacked Eian while he was trying to repair a overheated power conduit. Jessica pulled him to safety, and did what she could for his wounds, but she did not know that five of the creatures entered Eian's body and connected to his brain stem.

Once in Engineering Eian went to work has Jessica made sure the area was secure. It was then that the door to leading into where the two were was forced open. What happened next was the last that the two young federation officer needed. A fight broke out leaving Jessica to defend Engineering in fear what looter or god knows what would due once they gained access to the critical department. Jessica fought neutralizing a good many of the attackers. Until she was hit with a poisoned dart containing Tetrodotoxin. Jessica fell, but not before she heard the familiar steps of Federation officer coming to re-secure Engineering.

Eian came to her side has reinforcements came into the room, and carried Jessica's small form to the stations overworked and understaffed Medical Bay. When they made it both Jessica and Eian where in bad shape. The Medical team did what they could to stabilize the two but it was apparent that without a fully functional Medical bay both would probably not recover. Jessica and Eian were then Teleported to the Rosenanate Medical lab where both made a full recovery.

With the crisis over Jessica and Eian found themselves spending more and more time together. A relationship was blooming and both were falling for each other. It was decided then that they did not want to be apart and that the best decision was for one of them to transfer ships. Jessica knew it was a long shot but she put the paperwork in and hoped. The fates would smile upon her.

Mission 3: Once More Into The Breach[edit]

A mission, against the Borg one of our most determined and hated foes. We made our way toward Dovek II not knowing the Hell that would await us there.

While en-route to there target destination Both of the security and tactical team on board the USS Boudicca and USS Rosenante made there ships ready. Sharing tactical secrets, basically anything that was never though of has a way to combat the Borg. It was a daunting task one that neither Ship had what felt like enough time to prepare for. Jessica worked diligently to make her ship ready for any thing the borg could throw at them. Little did she know that the first threat would come from with in her own ship.

Lieutenant Detron Trei of the USS Boudicca gained access to the Holodeck where he programmed a Telepathic Interface Device which was designed to augment his natural telepathic ability and thus allow him to make telepathic contact with the Borg. Once contact was made a red flag went up though out the Boudicca. Jessica was dispatched with security team to find and arrest the person responsible, so he could be held accountable for his actions.

More Soon to Come

Mission 4: Personal Logs[edit]

After the fight with the Borg both the crew involved were granted a period of leave to lick there own wounds and heal from the terrible ordeal that they had just went though. However, for Jessica it was anything but. In fact the only day Jessica had to relax was the first day everything else that followed was one pain after another has her past life finally caught up with her.

The First Night.

Jessica knew that with the growing nature of the relationship between her and Eian O'neal that she could not keep secret the knowledge of her alternate personality "Lily." It was with great pain she told Eian, showed him Lily's profile, and made him aware of all that she is. Eian going though his own turbulent times could not come to grips with Jessica's hidden past. He left her that night and became distant from then on. Jessica felt like her world came crashing in, but respected Eian's need for space... time past.

The Fifth night.

Jessica lied trying to sleep when Section 31 sent a retrial for her, since she failed to report in on her own accord. Section 31 dove into the records of the last mission and came to the conclusion that Lily was compromised, that the persona of Jessica had to be disposed of to allow them to regain control of Lily and restore her to full operational status. Six armed men entered her room undetected with the use of an advance piece of technology called a Ghost suit. There was a short lived fight that left her quarters trashed.

Jessica however was taken to a phased and secure area of the station. It was here that she meet Operative George Hayden, and her torture began with the aim of separating Jessica from Lily and then kill Jessica. Hayden knew that do to Lily's training in how to endure the tortures would be able to outlast Jessica. What Hayden did not expect was that Lily would embrace her primary personality completing the merge. This in turn gave Jessica the needed ability to outlast Hayden cruelty and survive. However it meant that Jessica would from then on have to live with the memories with all the evil Lily did in the service of Section 31.

Little did Jessica know of covert operation to attempt a rescue of her from Section 31's hold. Jessica was left has a presumed bait for the rescue team. When they beamed in they found that Jessica had already freed herself from her bonds and was quite scared and un-trusting of any that came near her.

The all hell broke lose, has the small area erupted with the sounds of battle has a Section 31 strike team uncloaked and engaged with the two marine squads with fire from an experimental weapon system called the WAR ( Warp Accelerated Railgun. ) The battle however ended quickly enough for the marines where well trained and battle hardened. Even though they were severely out armed they were not out trained and were quickly able to adapt to the surprise attack and mount an effective counter attack. Once the battle was over Jessica, the rescue team, and one prisoner were teleported to the Rose's Iso-lab.

It was there that Jessica as put back under the microscope in the hope to figure out the best means to control Lily. Has the test were run Jessica continued to battle her most difficult enemy of all, herself... her memories. After Jessica was released from medical some time later she became a recluse not finding enjoyment in the company of others. Her days were filled with exercises aimed to gain control of Lily but that didn't stop the nightmares. Nothing ever stopped the Nightmares.

Lily's Missions[edit]

Mission 1: Witch Hunts[edit]

Section 31 under orders from Admrial Doenitz sends an little known operative to worlds rumored to be loyal to Admrial LoDona. Her mission to hunt down and find suspected LoDona Loyalist, force a confession and dispatch the traitors. Sites of her work were marked by the remains of the tortured and dead LoDona Loyalist with a white Lily with in the middle of the carnage. Thus the operative became known has "Lily." The operative is still at large.

Mission 2: Fall of Honor[edit]

Section 31 under orders from President Doenitz is tasked with the assassination of Klingon Ambassador Kirth, a known supporter of Adrmial LoDona, The assassination was given to operative "Lily" to further test her growing skills. Lily intercepted Ambassador Kirth on Qo'noS after a meeting with LoDona. Kirth was found dead killed by a titanium round fired at point blank range. However there were no chemical burns from a weapon discharge. The operative was able to hack the Ambassador's security protocols and copy key documents showing key research, training, troop, and weapon positions with in LoDona area of control.

Mission 3: Rivers of Blood[edit]

Section 31 under orders from President Doenitz is tasked with a last effort to try to dismay the 52nd Fleet and LoDona's forces. Again they turn to "Lily" in a high risk deep insertion into LoDona controlled space. Target eliminate the marine base, weapon facilities, and colony infastructure. Little is known of the method of entry into this highly controlled area. What is known that Lily engaged her targets on 2407.07.01.

Starting with the poisoning of the colonies central water supply with a highly radioactive isotope that once added would bond to the water molecules thus retaining it's potency. This poison was designed that once ingested it would eat the body from the inside out.

Second: Destruction of the Colonies central reactor, was accomplished by turning all remote feeds back to the main reactor causing the over load and subsequent destruction of the entire power grid. the remote power nodes were significantly less guarded than that of the main reactor.

The comblination between these two attacks caused a colony wide blackout with sever explosion along the power grid, that added more wounded to an already stressed medical team due to the poisoned water supply. Now stranded with no drinkable water and no means of purification in mass enough quanties to care for the colony. The colony chocked on its own wounded estimated dead: 100,000 wounded: 300,000

Final Orders: Lily was ordered to survive evade capture until S31 sent for retrieval.

Mission 4: Capture and Escape[edit]

Agent Lily reportedly Captured by the USS Caragen, Captained by John Lewis. Agent found while trying to evade a search screen when counter intelligence traced her to the operational area the Caragen. Exact details on her capture are sketchy at best has are the details to her escape. What is known that the prisoner did escape an interjected an ion grenade into the reactor main energy feed. This Caused an ion cascade failure with in the main reactor causing the Caragen to be destroyed, all hands were repoted lost. Agent Lily presumed dead at this point.

Mission 5: Ghosts of W.A.R.[edit]

Contact with Agent Lily made... Section 31 reemergence with the federation council proceeding well. Agent Lily has an act of good faith is requested to embark on to two mission for the newly established federation council. Companies on Earth still Loyal to Doenitz regime rumored to be developing experimental weapons to rearm and fit an army loyal to the ideals of the late president.

Viria Tech. - Rumored development of a metaphasic cloaking infiltration suit nicknamed Ghost confirmed. Agent Lily is ordered to gain access to Ghost suit and destroy all research pertaining to it's construction an development.

Technical report on Ghost: The ghost suit uses a crystalline mesh body suit to transfer power from the suits micro fusion reactor to seven metaphasic nodes. It is these nodes from which the cloak field is generated.

  • Benefits: Wearer is completely invisible to all visual forms of detection and has the ability to pass though solid object as thpugh they went there.
  • Flaws: Wearer can not attack while cloak is engaged, Micro reactor produces enough ambient energy to be picked up on close ranged tricorders

Noble Corp - Rumored development of Warp Assisted Railgun (WAR) Agent Lily is ordered to gain access to illegal technology and destroy all research pertaining to the weapons development.

Technical report on WAR: The WAR is a devastating heavy armor/ shield piercing weapon. The micro warp coil allows for the acceleration of the round to warp two

  • Rounds: A cartage round for the War is an energy cell, with on board computer and a spherical liquid metal filled tirtium casing. The energy cell and computer create a small subspace shell around the projectile allowing for safe warp travel. Once target is hit subspace shell collapse allowing projectile to proceed to target. Once target and tritium case meet casing breaks causing liquid impact and maximum transference of inertia and kinetic warp energy to single target.
  • Drawbacks: weapon requires large stores of energy to fire substantiated rate of fire 1 round / 5 seconds. 30 rounds before overheat and plasma coolant injectors must be used. if not next round will destroy weapon casing. Cool down requires 30 to one minute before safe to fire again.

Mission 6: The Assassination[edit]

Due to information recovered from strikes on illegal and unsanctioned weapon production and intelligence with the federation. Section 31 has undeniable proof that Vice-Admiral Kent is in the stages of arming a force to stage a coo against the Federation. This allong with other sources show that Vice-Admiral Kent is one of a few people in a position of authority that show a clear and present threat to the established Federation. Section 31 in ordinance with federation by law section 31 hear by place Vice-Adrmiral Kent has a valued target for elimination. Agent Lily has been chosen to handle this mission.

Awards and Commendations[edit]


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