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Laatstekans is an outpost station, on which Starfleet along with other powers in the region, have a presence. There is an uneasy balance of power there, on what is often referred to as 'the edge of civilisation as we know it'. Laatstekans is the frontier, and it got its name from the free-trader who had founded the outpost together with a consortium of investors some decades ago. The name means 'Last Chance' and it wasn't meant as a jest.

Please remember this is a work in progress and will be added to by the Boudicca crew as things are posted.

Description and places[edit]

This is *not* a Federation station, nor a Starfleet one. It's independent, and as such there's a (sometimes uneasy) balance of power between several major races and quite a few minor ones.

It's small - you could probably park it comfortably inside Starbase Geneva.

Although there is a Starfleet presence here, they are in the minority.


Security is provided by a private, professional force made up of experienced and honest officers from a medley of backgrounds. There will be a few ex-starfleet security there but also a lot of others too. Security is very tight - anyone starting or joining a fight, for example, will find themselves in a cell the brig very quickly. That won't be their major problem if they're from the Boudicca though ;) Their major problem will be Commander cha'Nooras or Captain Rivers, whoever they are unfortunate enough to be brought up in front of afterwards!

Shops, Traders, Entertainment and Health facilities[edit]

There will be a few shops and traders, and one bar-restaurant run by a civilian. There's probably only one or at the most two of each kind of shop and don't expect to find everything there that you could find at Geneva. On the other hand there might be one or two things you haven't seen before too. There may also be a little in the way of entertainment - perhaps a small theatre, perhaps a few holosuites. There will be a hospital area which may or may not be known as sickbay... But none of it will be huge and we will have to rub shoulders with everyone else. I doubt there would be a park - this is after all basically a frontier trading station not a luxurious facility.

There is a small food-court, built much like a cat's climbing-tree. An open air lift takes you to the levels if you don't feel like a climb, but there is also a spiral staircase leading to all mezzanine levels. There are several replimats and a couple of small bars opening directly onto a mezzanine floor, with a central seating area, but there is only one 'proper' restaurant/bar with its own enclosed area. One replimat is run by a Vulcan family, and the son who serves there is called Silic.

Resaurant/Bar: Bar "Of Last Resort"[edit]

The one restaurant on Laastekans, It does all the foods of the universe equally badly, although rumour has it that the daily special is sometimes edible ;) There is a bar area and a games area which includes a pool table , some card tables, a darts board, and a dabo table. Gambling is legal on Laastekans but only in licensed premises and the Last Resort is the only premises on Laatstekans with a gaming licence.

FastFood Stop[edit]

A replimat selling, guess what, fast food.

Rat Market[edit]

The stairs led up briefly, across a metallic walkway and then down the swirling flight of stairs. Basil had lost sight of the Ferengi and Dark Maiden's captain. Instead his other senses began to sing, mingling spicy smells wafted up from the depts of the stairs followed by a deep murmer, almost hidden by the humm of the station but soon became an echoing cacophony.

Basil smiled - he knew there was something missing from the station and he and the doctor had found it. They had reached the bottom of the stairs where a long sooty grey corridor led towards the curvature of the station's ring. Here in the bowels under the station's shops are be storage rooms, large ones. The sounds emanated from the open double breasted steel doorway.

"Doctor," Basil forgot in his excitement to address her by name, "I believe you wish for food is granted."

He led her to the opening and with a dramatic swish,

"Welcome to a Rat Market!"

Inside the large cargo room was the broadest spectrum of human and alien life walking amidst wooden, bamboo, and multicoloured cloth structures where bartering, cooking, arguing, talking and all matter of trading was getting underway.

Candle could see a question in the doctor's face,

"This station encourages a transitory nature. Ships would come in, drop off folk and then return. Most folk won't be able to afford a permenant structure so ... chances are the owners realised this so converted a couple of cargo bays. Then they would . unofficially encourage people to come here , for a modest fee. Its not a constant feature and if there trouble these would be the first to run ... like rats"

He shrugged at that, "Where there is life there is always a market, trade will find a way."

Docking facilities and more[edit]

There is no room for a docking bay for ships to dock inside the station so visiting ships dock outside. Imagine a structure looking a bit like a deep ring doughnut, with four arms extending out of the base at right angles at equal distances. Each 'arm' can dock two ships, one almost at the outermost point, and one on the other side of the 'arm' closer to the station. Once on the station Starfleet crews are subject to BOTH Starfleet AND Station regulations.

Laatstekans is around a kilometre in diameter and the main civilian area is known as the Boardwalk. As well as shops, eating/drinking facilities and businesses, the Broadwalk gives access to the habitation sector where crew and civilians alike live.

Characters aboard Laatstekans[edit]

Silic - Vulcan - teenage son of family running one of the replimats

(Unnamed) Andorian - bartender at Of Last Resort

Wen Toran - Bajoran - Manager - FastFood Stop

To be expanded

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