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Utopia Planitia was a side project I ran for a few years, it was a separate game than Star Trek : Freedom, but it was fun while it lasted - Anthony

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Utopia Planitia 52nd Fleet Logo
Space Facilities: Starbase Valhalla | Mars Defence Perimeter | Production Facility
Ground Facilities: ATTU Center | Otono Medical Centre | Civilian Sector
Departments: Starfleet Command
More About Utopia Planitia
Utopia Planitia is set 15 years post-Dominion Wars, in the year 2389. Starfleet is still recovering from the devastating Wars, after billions have died in the defense of the Federation and Starfleet. Even with reparations from the Dominion, resources are low and the fleet still hasn’t fully recovered. There are plenty of ships, lines of trade for resources have been tentatively formed, but the fleet is experiencing a distinct lack of experienced manpower.
A good portion of the trained crews and command officers were killed in the line of duty during the war. Those that replaced them and survived, though fully capable at warfare, are still getting their bearings in times of peace. Most of the current crop of Commanders and Captains were rushed through the ranks, or through the Academy, in order to keep the fleet staffed during the war. Fifteen years has mellowed many, but it has also lead to numerous diplomatic mistakes and image problems which has destroyed much public support for Starfleet.
This comes at one of the worst times since the fall of the Dominion. There is much territory to be explored, territory granted by treaty to the Allies. Colonies have sprung up, closely guarded by Starfleet from the multiple rogue Dominion ships whose commanders were unable, or unwilling, to surrender.
The Romulan Empire, unsatisfied with concessions granted after the fall of the Dominion, has begun beating the proverbial drum and has gone to a much more warlike stance, although the exact target of their aggression is not yet known. Though it is considered unlikely, Starfleet has quietly sent as much strength as they are able to the Romulan neutral zone, which was re-established two years after the end of the Dominion War. Diplomatic Relations between the Federation and the Romulan Empire are strained.
At the same time, the relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are still strong. Chancellor Martok , one of the most popular chancellors in the last five-hundred years, has begun a campaign of expansion within the Delta Quadrant into lands granted by treaty…. And into a few that were not. The Klingons and Dominion splinter groups have locked horns in combat a dozen major times over wealthy planets; it seems only a matter of time before the old Dominion War is resumed, if on a smaller scale.
The Breen have not been heard from since the end of the War, they pulled their ships back into their own territory and refuse (with force, if necessary) any diplomatic overture sent into their space. Starfleet, mindful of the fact that Earth has only just started to recover from the bombardment suffered at Breen hands, maintains a strong defensive force on the edge of Breen space.
Utopia Planitia, as one of the three largest Fleet Shipyards and the center for the Mars Defense Perimeter, is in the midst of a wild building spree that has continued for years. Science Vessels, Warships, Patrol Ships, all are being built as fast as safety can be assured. The aging science fleet of the Federation was almost entirely destroyed; the Miranda’s, Nebulas, Ambassadors, Excelsior’s and other such older vessels which had formed the backbone of the fleet were almost entirely destroyed during the Dominion War. Now there is a rush to build Akiras, Galaxies, Sovereigns and Steamrunners, all of which are earmarked to the furthest parts of the Federation and beyond. And, unlike the time before the Dominion Wars, now there is a definitive program for building Defiant and Prometheus class vessels for protection, along with half a dozen more Starship Design Projects for other Combat-based vessels.
The lessons of the Dominion War were learned, and learned well. Starfleet will never again be caught so unprepared for combat.
Utopia Planitia has become the center of a Diplomatic Effort to stabilize relations with both the Dominion and the Romulan Empire. Rather then hold such efforts at Earth, Mars was chosen as a sign of strength, so that the envoys might see the ships being built and take word of that construction back to their home planets… lest their governments think the Federation and Starfleet have fallen into disuse.
There is also an expanded training program for Starfleet Academy in place at Utopia Planitia, using the former temporary home of Starfleet Academy on Mars (after Starfleet Academy on Earth was destroyed by the Breen). This training facility endeavors to teach advanced courses in leadership, engineering and tactical study to the students of the newly re-established four-year curriculum.
Always there is the shadow of conflict. From the Romulans, from the Dominion… what will happen next?