Regan Alessi

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Regan alessi.png
Counsellor Regan Alessi
Name: Regan Alessi
Rank: Lieutenant (jg)
Gender: Female
Species: Betazoid
Age: 35
Position: Assistant Chief Counsellor
Ship: USS Mithrandir
Status: SPC (Active)

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Olive

Physical Description: Regan is what many would consider a typical Betazoid. Her skin is slightly olive-toned, and her eyes are so dark a brown as to appear almost black, with the usual Betazoid solid pupils. Her face is oval, with high cheekbones. Her nose is well-formed and her mouth is usually smiling, as if she finds life itself constantly amusing. Her figure is neat, and she has an innate poise and confidence.

Family and Background[edit]

A Daughter of the Seventh House (House of Courage). Regan's parents were both highly-placed diplomats and Regan benefited from an early life spent travelling with her parents. She developed her Betazoid abilities unusually early, and consequently was taken back to Betazed to live with her grandmother whilst receiving the necessary training to harness her abilities, as well as induction in the Telepathic Moral Laws. Although her telepathic abilities are very high, Regan showed no other signs of genius and consequently had to work hard to achieve the high academic results that she wanted. Once she had established sufficient control over her abilities to satisfy her teachers, Regan spent most of her holidays with her parents and consequently is very familiar with both diplomatic functions and diplomacy. Since her parents were both on Betazed at the time Doenitz's forces arrived there, Regan does not know if they are alive or dead. She has no siblings. She has one son, Menno, aged six, the result of a short affaire with an ambitious young junior lieutenant (a human called Alexis Montague) whom she met on her first posting. They split up when he was assigned to Admiral Doenitz's flagship nearly seven years ago.

Until recently, Regan hadn't heard from him, and he does not know about his son. Regan carefully concealed that knowledge from him.

Alexis turned up as the Captain of a ship hunting the Mystique, and was assassinated by Ash Physioc when he defected from Doenitz's fleet to the 52nd. Regan rarely talks about Alexis, but did open up to Norm Harper, the CEO of the Hades. The two formed a close relationship, and Regan misses Norm very much now that she has been transferred.


Educated largely on Betazed, finishing with a hard-earned First in Psychology. Her doctoral thesis (which followed several years later at the University of Cambridge on Earth) was on emotional trauma in telepaths.

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

Post-graduate studies in Psychology and languages.

Starfleet History[edit]

Four years at Starfleet Academy, specialising in Counselling. Since graduating she has served on several starships, mostly as an assistant counsellor within the counselling department, but has on occasion acted as Assistant Chief Counsellor when needed. Regan took a four-year sabbatical when her son was born and returned to active service two years ago.

After a short spell aboard the Mystique and then the Hades, Regan transferred to Starbase Geneva, where she worked with Starfleet personnel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after the end of the Civil War. She was then assigned to the USS Mithrandir under Captain Archibald Stakes.

Medical History[edit]

Nothing of note. Regan has not yet entered "the phase". (Betazoid women are not considered to be 'mature' until they reach the human equivalent of their forties, which coincides with the female Betazoid 'Phase', at which time an unmarried woman is expected to seek and find a mate. During this time, a Betazoid woman's sex drive is expected to quadruple.)


Regan has a well-developed ability to block telepathic communication from others and is unwilling to use her telepathy except under orders to do so. She would never do so without the permission of the other person concerned. In her counselling sessions, Regan relies solely on her extensive knowledge of both psychology and body-language, unless requested to do otherwise by her client


Likes to relax with friends over a good meal, particularly if there is a good wine to accompany it. Enjoys reading and the occasional holodeck interactive adventure, for preference a murder mystery or thriller type.

General Notes[edit]

Regan is a friendly and sociable person who gets on well with most people. She has a slightly quirky sense of humour and often finds things amusing which others don't. Unlike many Betazoids she is completely comfortable around those whose minds cannot be read (for example Ferengi), since that means she doesn't have to have her shields up at such a high level.

Regan Alessi is played by Liz Geuken