Starbase 989

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Starbase 989

Starbase 989 is a resupply base located in the Nequencia-Alpha System, approximately 6 Light Years from the Romulan Neutral Zone in Sector 6309. The base was originally built and operated by the Andorians prior to their arranging for it to be utilized by Starfleet as a forward resupply base near the strategic Romulan Neutral Zone.

In 2407, the USS Hades made a short visit to Starbase 989 to pick up Ambassador Jericho Nolan, who was an expert on Romulan Affairs.

Although the base is considered a strategic asset to the United Federation of Planets, they have signed an agreement with the Romulans not to arm the supply base and not to assign any permanent support vessels to it's command. As a result this station is considered a civilian station, although it is subject to Federation Law. It's lack of immediate military support make it a port of call for many merchant vessels, including Romulan merchants, trading or transporting goods between the UFP and the Romulan Star Empire

In 2413, the USS Rosenante put into the station for some much needed Rest and Relaxation time. They found themselves quickly involved tin the investigation of the murder of the Starbase Commanding Officer, Captain Joseph Taylor.

Starbase 989 is now the base of operation of the 781th Squadron commanded by Commodore Larsson.

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Starbase 989 was first seen in the USS Hades Mission: Tribuo Senatus: A Senate Divided and again in the USS Rosenante Mission: Touch of the Eidolon and the USS Boudicca and USS Rosenante joint missions Just Another Saturday Night and Once More Into The Breach and the USS Soval mission The Lesser Evil