A Day in the Sun

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Tiren III

Upon the recommendations of the USS Hades counseling staff, Captain Eva Straton decided to remove her ship from active operational status for some Shore Leave on a nearby Class M planet.

The world that was selected was Tiren III. The planet was inhabited by the Tirensu a humanoid society at the preindustrial era of their cultural development. This would normally not be allowed, but the presence of a Scientific Observation Station on the planet commanded by Lieutenant Commander Erika Marks allowed close oversight of the time spent planet side.

Several members of the ship's crew took advantage of the time on the planet's surface. Some of the crew selected an oceanfront area, where they enjoyed some sand and sun.

Another group scaled the planet's largest mountain under the guidance of Baylon Trinin. The same group also undertook some hunting and other outdoors activities including some skiing and base jumping.

A small number of the ship's crew set up minor camp sites on the planet where either small groups or couples could spend time together. Some of these were romantic little getaways.

In one instance, Darla Wright imaged local wildlife and was actually the first to catalog several species.

After 14 standard days, the Hades returned from a medical relief mission and the crew were removed from the planet after they carefully removed all traces of their existence, so as to not provide any unexpected technological or cultural contamination to the Tirensu.