Collette Holland

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Collete Holland
Lieutenant jg Collette Holland
Name: Collette Gwenaëlle Holland
Awards: None
Gender: Female
Species: Terran
Age: 36
Position: Medical Researcher
Ship: Starbase Geneva
Status: Inactive

Lieutenant Holland is currently assigned to Geneva Station as a Medical Researcher.

Physical Description[edit]

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: Caucasian

Collette is of average height and weight with dark brown hair and eyes, verging on black. She is highly intelligent and is known to be able to work out spatial relations problems without the aid of computer simulations of physical and visual aids.

History and Education[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Collette was born and raised in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Her historical background includes Métis (French Canadian and Native background) and was raised in a large family with six brothers. They were all raised strict Catholics, which is a rarity in the current era. Collette retained much of this belief but is very accepting of all beliefs. Her oldest brother became a Catholic Priest and Collette, for a time, considered becoming a Nun; however, she felt drawn to the stars and to a medical career.

Married to Peter Jacob Holland.

Stationed at Geneva long-term, Collette is a medical researcher. She has been primary care-giver of the children, but tries her best to involve Peter whenever possible. They both have been trying for years to get an assignment together, but have been unsuccessful.


Stefan Peter Holland

Stefan is the eldest child, and is currently 13 years of age. He is a typical teenager who is frustrated with the distance between himself and his father. Stefan enjoys a Judo program and keeps himself occupied with that when not in school.

He inherited the dark brown eyes and hair of his mother, and his father's ability to scale almost anything.


André David Holland

André is 11 years old and is alone among his siblings to choose to follow his father's penchant for all things Klingon. He acts out at school in attempts to act Klingon, but is learning when it is honourable to fight.

André inherited the recessive genes of both his parents that gave him blue eyes. His hair leans more to his father's colouring, but is slightly darker. He inherited his father's sense of humour.


Nadia Collette Holland

Nadia is an artist, her father tries to send her art boxes so that she can continue to flourish in this regard. She is a happy 9 year old.

Nadia also inherited the recessive genes of both parents, giving her bright blue eyes. She inherited her mother's sense of artistry and her father's bravery.


Artemis Évariste Holland

The youngest Holland child, Arty was a bit of a surprise to the family (arriving 5 years after the other three children). He is currently taking swimming lessons and seems to be a bright, spunky little boy.

Arty inherited the brown eyes of both his parents and a recessive genetic trait that blessed him with red hair. He inherited his father's bravery.


Université Laval - Faculté de Médecine

Starfleet Academy - Medical

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