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Kel'Sima or the Great Truth, is the pre-eminent philosphy of the Tch'Kairn population. It was developed by the first great philospoher H'volik, who is considered the greatest Tch'Kairn philosopher of all time.

H'Volik lived from 2035 to 2198, during a time known as the Great Troubles. This period of time on Tch'Kair was categorized by desperate fighting between factions of Tch'Kairn whose degradations threatened to destroy the entire civilization that had been built.

It was during the worst of this fighting that H'volik began to take to the streets in support for a change in the psychology of his people. His greatest works were collected, taught and became known as the Kel'Sima.

The principles of Kel'Sima are simple in words and complex in deed and meaning. There are literally hundreds of them, but the most important ones are collectively known as the Universal Truths or Nov'Sima.

There are 6 Core Nov'Sima

1. If you do harm to any living thing, then you do harm to yourself. All living things are connected by the thread of life.
2. Respect breeds respect. If you give respect to those around you, you will receive respect in turn.
3. No opinion is wrong. There is only a differnce in perceptions. To change one's mind you must only change one's perception.
4.Violence is anathema. It should be avoided.
5.Murder is the greatest sin. It blackens the soul.
6.None should suffer. Should you see one suffering you are bound to lend them aid. To help another is to enrichen yourself.

The Kel'Sima was first mentioned in the USS Hades Mission: A Rule of Conscience