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Mission Brief:[edit]

The USS Hades has been ordered into Deep Space, well beyond the end of the Subspace River, in response to a distress call.

The call itself is a plea for aid against an apparently aggressive foe, but that isn't the intriguing part - what makes Starfleet send the Hades is the mode of transmission.

The Message[edit]

A staff briefing was held in which a message was played. The creature called itself a Tch'Kairn and looked rather like giant bug of the Praying Mantis variety. It pleaded for help before the trasmission was cut in an explosion. Teams were put together to analyze the language and method of transmission.

Messages embedded in messages were discovered and coordinates were found, along with a database which in essence completed the language work and the Hades was off into new territory.

Discovering the Debris[edit]

The Hades had been travelling into the unknown for 13 days when they arrived at an old battle site - about 200 years old. Taking aboard some space debris they found the remains of not one, but two types of hull - one of which was affected by a quantum string that could have disastrous effects if left unchecked.

When the debris was fired upon in a controlled test by Ensign (jg) Lo'ren T'Vof it very nearly destroyed the warp core by way of a feedback mechanism that went from the Physics Lab straight to the Core. She, Jericho (Jack) Haynes and Maraht were thankful to be alive.

First Encounter[edit]

The Hades encounters a ship owned by a species who identify themselves as the Waagoshin. These are not the Tch'Kairn. The Graelridge Commander, Graffna, offers to escort the Hades to the "Bug Planet". Captain Sash accepts. The crew continue to prepare for the possibility of a fight, especially owing to the fact that these fox-like people seem to be extremely warlike and dominance oriented. The previosly destroyed lab is repaired and the tests are running smoothly. Along with this, Sash has ordered enhancements to the sensors and a combat training regimen with the Waagoshin as the central opponents.

The simulation, designed by Ensign (jg) Robert Angelo Walsh, proves to be a rather daunting challenge and leaves many a crew member bleeding but more aware of the difficulties in fighting giant dogs.

Going Aboard the Station[edit]

Captain Devan Sash has accepted an invitation from the Alpha One of the main Space Station in Tch'kairn space.

An away team is being gathered for an officer exchange between the Hades and the Station. Commander Straton is in charge of the team and has gathered Ensigns Eoin Mac Liam, Kenneth McKenzie, Haywood Parker, Lo'ren T'Vof, and Anamitra Ripley along with a security team of 4 lead by Ensign (jg) Robert Angelo Walsh to beam over to the Station while the Waagoshin have assembled their own equivalent team that will meet with Captain Sash and several other senior officers on the USS Hades.

Several of the away team have misgivings about this exchange as do a number of the officers still on board the Hades, but they are following Captain Sash in his diplomatic foray.


The away team has been split into three groups, two of which are exploring the station under escort while Commander Straton meets with Sanra, the Alpha One of the Waagoshin in the sector. Currently Medic Haywood Parker and Counselor Anamitra Ripley are getting a tour of the medical facilities on the station, accompanied by two Starfleet security officers and four Waagoshin while Ensigns MacLiam, McKenzie and T'Vof are being treated to a tour of the Waste reclamation facilities aboard the Station under the escort of Lt. Adams and another 4 Waagoshin.

The second team has been given the opportunity to speak to the workers at the facility and are learning interesting facts concerning the Niglik that are in the majority in this area.

Catch and Release[edit]

The exchange teams were captured and were promised to be slaves of the Waagoshin. Before this could be brought about the Hades returned the teams to the ship via emergency transport. This was initiated because the Waagoshin team aboard the USS Hades had successfully captured Captain Devan Sash, Lieutenant Darla Wright and CMO Doctor Angeni Windsong-Trommashere.

Preparation and Battle[edit]

The crew of the Hades prepared swiftly for battle to regain their captured comrades. While Sash, Wright and Trommashere were held captive, interrogated and generally abused, the Hades crew sent teams to the 3rd, 4th and 5th planets of the Tch'Kair sector and prepared the ship for tri-vector assault mode.

They fought a hard won battle.

Gain and Loss[edit]

The Tch'Kairn and Niglik peoples were liberated from their Waagoshin slave masters, and the rescue teams pulled off the station with moments to spare. However, the Hades crew were saddened - they lost their Captain due to a small transport blocking energy shield employed by the Alpha of the Waagoshin.

The Tch'Kairn people gained a new Provisional Governor in the form of Resistance Leader K'Thartek, who will be aided by noted Tch'Kairn Philosopher Lupo Dal.