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Tch'Kair (Sigma Draconis IV)

Tch'Kair (also known as Sigma Draconis IV) is the home planet of the Tch'Kairn. It is located in the Alpha Quadrant. It is the fourth planet in the system. The planet is one of three that resides inside the habitable zone of a Spectral Class G Yellow Dwarf Star (G9V). The planet's name means Home of the People.

In 2408, the USS Hades visited Tch'Kair in response to a general distress message sent by the Tch'Kairn Resistance.

The Planet was under the control of the Waagoshin.

Several long-range scans were taken of the planet and several bits of useful data was collected.

Among them was the fact that the planet was exceptionally resource rich. This was suspected to be one of the impetuses for the Waagoshin invasion of the planet two hundred years prior.

The Planet is classified as Class M. Although it is slightly larger than Earth at approximately 1.4 times its mass and density with a slightly larger land mass due to only a slightly larger composition of surface water at seventy two point four percent.

There is a great deal of water on the planet as well which in turn supports a massive biosphere.

Tch'Kair V Rising as seen from Tch'Kair IV

The planet is techtonically active, and several induction and subduction zones were recorded. Several active volcanoes are also present on the planet, and are responsible for a great deal of the metalurgical resources available.

The climate is varied, but is for the most part temperate. Most regions experience four distinct seasons- spring, summer, fall and winter, although the equatorial and polar regions have less defined seasonal changes.

The polar regions of the planet are relatively small, considering the overall planetary size, but is prone to significant seasonal expansions and contractions of the continental ice shelf.

A strong magnetic field protects the planet from cosmic radiation.


The Tch'Kairn primarily build their cirites underground, although a large number of smaller townships and research centers are known to reside above ground where it is not practical to build beneath the surface.

Their largest city, which serves as their planetary capital, is one such metropolis, built mostly above the surface of the planet.

The Waagoshin have reinforced the administrative center of the city and have turned it into a massive military staging point.

After the crew of the USS Hades liberated the Tch'Kairn from the Waagoshin after the latter species kidnapped several members of their crew, the capital city was once again restored to it's proper function as an administrative site. One the spot where the Waagoshin Military complex once stood is a park and a statue honoring those that fought for Tch'Kairn freedom. Among those honored is Captain Devan Sash, who heroically gave his life to save his ship and the planet.

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Tch'Kair was first seen in the USS Hades mission: A Rule of Conscience