Lalo Rodriguez

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lalo Rodriguez is an Academy Instructor

Lalo Rodriguez
Name: Gonzalo Antonio Rodriguez Trujillo
Rank: Ltjgcmd.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Position: Academy Instructor
Ship: Starfleet Academy
Status: Active

Physical Details[edit]

Biographical Information[edit]

Name:Lalo Rodriguez



Birthplace: Earth


Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour:Brown


Weight:200 lbs

Blood Colour:Red

Skin Colour:White(tanned)

Physical Description[edit]

Lalo is somewhat tall, with brown hair and clean shaven. He has slightly tanned skin.


Has led a normal and healthy life.

Biographical Details[edit]


Lalo grew up in Madrid, Spain the son of a professional soccer player. His full name going along with spanish tradition is Gonzalo Antonio Rodriguez Trujillo. Lalo had always loved soccer and piloting. Unlike his father, even though he had the talent to play professionally, Lalo enterred starleet academy at age 18, where he played on the Academy soccer team and was its captain his final years there. He was born on stardate 2381.01.05


Starfleet Academy

Pre Starfleet[edit]

Member of the Under 20 European Soccer Team

Starfleet Career[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

Lalo attended Starfleet Academy from 2399 to 2403. He was a member of the soccer team and was the captain his senior year. He graduated number 25 in his class.

USS Atlas[edit]

USS Atlas

The USS Atlas is a galaxy class ship. It was Lalo's first ship. He started there as a relief CONN officer as an Ensign Junior Grade in 2403. Later that year he was promoted to Ensign Senior Grade. In 2404 he was named the Assistant Chief Conning Officer. He stayed onboard the Atlas until 2405 when he was transferred to the USS Avenger.

USS Avenger[edit]

USS Avenger

The Avenger was an Excelsior Class ship and Lalo served there from 2405 to 2407. He arrived at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was named the Chief Conning Officer. In 2407 he was transferred to the USS Spectre.

USS Spectre[edit]

USS Spectre

Served as a CONN officer until the end of the Civil War, and then left to take a position as an Instructor at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

Currently an Academy Instructor

Other Information[edit]


Lalo enjoys playing soccer, and piloting things.


He is an excellent pilot and has been flying ever since he was a kid. He is capable of piloting most craft.


He is very sure of himself, confident, and at sometimes cocky but at the same time he know when to follow orders and defer to superior officers. He also can be somewhat of a ladies man

Ranks Achieved[edit]




Lalo Rodriguez was played by Will Banowsky