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Star Trek: Freedom Player

USSSpectreSmall50px.jpg This player has a character stationed aboard USS Spectre!
USSBoudiccaSmall50px.jpg This player has a character stationed aboard USS Boudicca!
MithrandirA.jpg This player has a character stationed aboard USS Mithrandir!

Brief Overview[edit]

I am 24 years old. I am a devout Roman Catholic and am have a Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business and General Management from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma with a minor in Spanish. I graduated in Summer of 2008 and am now in Law School at the University of Oklahoma, hopefully graduating in 2011. I was born on April 26, 1986 in Rota, Andalucia, Spain, to a Spanish mother and an American Father. I have lived in Spain, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Honduras and Oklahoma, but for the bulk of my life I have lived in Dallas, Texas.

Freedom History[edit]

Duty Stations[edit]

Current Duty Stations[edit]

USS Mithrandir

USS Spectre

Past Duty Stations[edit]

USS Cochrane

USS Mystique

USS Dennison

USS Hades

USS Boudicca

Starfleet Academy

Starbase Geneva

Utopia Planitia

Game History[edit]

The Academy[edit]

I entered the Academy sometime in February of 2005 and graduated within a week I believe. My academy Instructor was Tony Keen who lives in Australia. Because of that I would stay up all night just to get posts out when he was awake and online, so at the sacrifice of my sleep I did what I needed to do. Then it was off to my first assignment. I also played as an Instructor for a while

USS Cochrane[edit]

My first stop was at the USS Cochrane, I did a reporting in post and everything. However the thing is that right after I came aboard there was a whole RL deal in which the captain was kicked out of the game and the Ship Decommisioned and I was off again to another ship. However this time I got real lucky.

USS Mystique[edit]

I had a brief stay on the Mystique, wasn't officially part of her crew, but a member of the Spectre crew who was currently on there. So when the joint mission was over I moved to the Spectre, that is where the fun began.

USS Spectre[edit]

It was here where I became an officer of the Spectre under the command of my old Academy Instructor Tony Keen. It was fun, I became the compiler, I rose through the ranks becoming the 3O and then 2O. Of course there was a dark time where I didn't post because I didn't feel inspired too. Of course that left me and I became my old self which helped me land my gig on the Dennison.

Starbase Geneva and USS Boudicca[edit]

I had a character Ian Callaghan who I created for the Geneva, of course I went to Spain didn't use him, and when I got back I went all I don't want to post mode. He was transferred to the Boudicca with the Boudicca crew, but I didn't use him ever, and he became a casualty and was dropped, maybe one day I will bring you back Ian.

USS Dennison[edit]

Ah the Dennison, I served here as First Officer, but life and stress caused me to leave the game for a while.

Utopia Planitia[edit]

Got a character on this alternate time line game, but he never really took off.

USS Hades[edit]

Upon Returning to the game this is where I ended up. But left shortly after due to one reason or another.

USS Spectre Part 2[edit]

Fate, and my love for this game caused me to return, back to the place where it kinda of all began for me, the Spectre. Will was my character here, I have also added Science Officer Lt. JG Matthew Santiago and 2nd Lt. Robert Sykes as part of the crew as well.

Starfleet Academy Part 2[edit]

I have reactivated Lalo Rodriguez as an Academy Instructor.

USS Mithrandir[edit]

My PC is now the Commanding officer of the USS Mithrandir.

My Characters[edit]

Active Characters[edit]

File:Captcmd.jpg Will Banowsky - USS Mithrandir - Commanding Officer - PC

Previously played on USS Cochrane, USS Mystique, USS Dennison, USS Hades, USS Spectre

Ltcmd.jpg Lalo Rodriguez - USS Mithrandir - CONN Officer - SPC

Previously played on USS Spectre, Starfleet Academy

Lttacsec.jpg Matthew Santiago - [[USS Mithrandir] - Operations Officer - SPC

Previously played on the USS Spectre

2ltsmc.jpg Robert Sykes - USS Spectre - USS Spectre - Marine Medic - SPC

Past Characters[edit]

Scpomed2.jpgIan Callaghan - USS Okinawa - Scientific Personnel

Previously played on Starbase Geneva, USS Boudicca

Ltjgtacsec.jpg Grant Archie - USS Vindicator - Assistant Chief Enigneering Officer

Previously played on USS Spectre

Enscmd.jpg Nick Lynch - Starfleet Academy - Academy Instructor

Previously played at Starfleet Academy

Ltjgtacsec.jpg Anthony Griffin - USS Mithrandir - Acting Chief Engineering Officer - SPC

Ltcmd.jpg Thomas Loyola - USS Dennison - Strat OPS - Deceased

Previously played on USS Dennison

Ltcmd.jpg Will Alexander - Utopia Planitia - Starfleet Academy Liason - Alternate Timeline

Previously played on Utopia Planitia

One Shot Characters[edit]

Ltmed.jpg Mistie Alvaras-USS Raven-CMO

Previously played on USS Raven

Cmdrcmd.jpg Steve Furrows-USS Phantom-Strat OPS

Previously played for a mission on the USS Spectre

Ltcmdrcmd.jpg Michale Loyola-USS Beowulf-First Officer

Previously played for a mission on the USS Dennison

Characters that are Relatives to my PC[edit]

Ltmed.jpgJohn Alexander-USS Poseidon-Chief Medical Officer

Previously played on the USS Boudicca by my brother

Ltjgtacsec.jpg David Alexander-USS Vindicator-Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

Freedom Command Experience[edit]

In Game[edit]

Third Officer[edit]

My PC Will was the third officer on the USS Spectre for a time up until the end of the Mission: Whom do you Trust?. Regained that role briefly on his return to the Spectre

Second Officer[edit]

My PC Will was the second officer on the USS Spectre.

Acting Commanding Officer[edit]

My PC Will was in command of the USS Spectre on Stardate:2407.01.17 while Captain Remae Ktell and Lt. T'Vhor were on an away mission on the surface of Betazed.

First Officer[edit]

I was the First Officer onboard the USS Dennison. Will took that position on Stardate: 2407.02.01 when he arrived on the Dennison. I was also First Officer of the USS Mithrandir

Commanding Officer[edit]

I am currently the commanding officer of the USS Mithrandir

Out of Character Command Experience[edit]

For awhile I did the compiles on the USS Spectre. I was known as the Compile Imp.

Notes and Comments[edit]

Leave any Comments here.

My Favorite Ship Classes[edit]

These are my favorite ship classes and what I would name them.

Luna Class
Luna Class Big.jpg
Classification: Light Explorer
NCC-81928 USS Martin-Granizo
Sovereign Class
Classification: Explorer
NCC-73850 USS Oklahoma
Intrepid Class
Intrepid class.jpg
Classification: Light Explorer
NCC-74880 USS Cervantes
Defiant Class
Classification: Escort
NCC-75420 USS Dallas
Excelsior Class
Classification: Explorer
NCC-42300 USS Tulsa