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The USS Boudicca

The USS Boudicca and her crew find themselves suddenly reassigned just as they are to move in General M'Locha and a hidden Section 31 base.

First Officer Henry Jacobs answers a call from Admiral Alias Kensington reassigning the Boudicca to the Lubelter system to intercept two rogue Cardassian warships. The Admiral is unknown to both the captain and Henry and after the two conduct further research they fail to find any record of the admiral's existence. Captain Calvin Capps against his personal feelings follows the orders of the admiral and proceeds blindly to the Lubelter system where they are to intervene in the attacks the Cardassians are leading against local traders.

En route the captain calls for a captain's inspection of all the departments. It proved to be a smooth process but Jacobs found himself betraying Detron Trei's trust while offering some constructive criticism. Trei takes it personally and vows to return the favor to his so called friend.

***More to Come***[edit]