Reflections in the Sand

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A Temporal Wave

After the bittersweet battle with the Waagoshin the USS Hades aided the Tch'Kairn leaders to establish a stable government and to restore order to the newly liberated planet. During that time they also conducted a general treaty between the Tch'Kairn and the United Federation of Planets to insure future trade.

Once their diplomatic duties were complete, the Hades headed first to Starbase Geneva for repair and then on to a series of dull patrol missions along the Cardassian and Romulan borders.

This period of time was extremely routine and the Hades crew was beginning to grow bored with the mundane tasks of day-to-day operations.

To further complicate things, the Hades encountered a bizarre Temporal Wave, that caught up the vessel and launched her along with several other starships, many from the 52nd Fleet forward in time five years.

The ships that had been affected returned to the exact locations that they had disappeared from, only to be ordered by Starfleet Command to report to Khitomer.

Upon arrival, the scope of the affect became apparent, as hundreds of Starships had been summoned. In addition to the ships that had been ordered to Khitomer, there were a large number of escort ships present as well. In fact, it was estimated that nearly 1/2 of the entire Starfleet was present at Khitomer.

The commanding officers of the ships were ordered to the surface where they were debriefed, later Starfleet Intelligence officers would conduct extensive interviews with the crews of those ships and determine that they had all, in fact, been affected by the same or similar phenomenon. Currently it is believed that this event is connected to the Subspace River and that it was somehow activated by the Borg.

After the affected starships were released, they returned to their respective command stations for refit, upgrades and retraining of crew.

The Hades reported back to Starbase Geneva.