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Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) is responsible for all matters pertaining to the security of the Federation. Its duties include scouting of potentially dangerous space, reconnisance of enemy space, and classification of enemy ships to name just a few of its tasks. Starfleet Intelligence also maintains a small number of operatives, and counter operatives, within the goverments of threat and potential threat races. It also assists Starfleet sciences in pre-contact study of cultures, and is responsible for the analysis of potentially dangerous cultures posessing warp travel. Starfleet intelligence reports have helped avert many misunderstandings in this capacity. Starfleet Intelligence is also responsible for the special operations division, which undertakes many of the missions described above aswell as many other classified operations simply refered to as "black ops." It is for these missions that SFI maintatins a small number of unmarked civillian vessels, for the insertion and retreival of Federation operatives.

SFI is located in one of the four space stations that make up the Andor Fleetyards, in orbit of Andor. Due to security restrictions the exact space station is not published in unsecure documents. The high security which is prevalent at the Fleetyards, and indeed at any Andorian facility, helps keep its exact location a secret. If you are interested in appying for Starfleet Intelligence positions speak to a career advisor, or OTI, who will refer you to a intelligence advisor.

Starfleet Security is also a part of Starfleet Intelligence, and although a Rear Admiral is head of Starfleet Security, Starfleet Intelligence is ultimately responsible for the training programs which security personnel undertake. Starfleet Security's tasks include more immediate concerns Federation well-being, such as the posting of Security personnel at Federation bases and installations. Starfleet Security also prepares reports for Starfleet personnel on where best to utilise security and tactical officers aboard starships and space stations.

All Starfleet security training is conducted at Starbase one in orbit of Earth in the SOL system. The head of Starfleet Security, as well as Starfleet security administration is also located there.


Basic Trained skills for ALL team members: Climbing/Repelling Stealth Energy Weapon Combat Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat Small Unit Tactics Interrogation Resistance (includes drugs, mind probes, torture, etc.) Etiquette (how to act in different social settings) Camouflage Hand Signals Communications/Basic Encryption/Decryption

Optional Training Computer Hacking Forensics (this is gathering of evidence, not debate class) Demolitions (one word -- BOOM!) Martial Arts (pick specific forms, i.e. Aikido, Kung Fu, Klingon mak'tovah, etc.) Electronic Warfare (Jam enemy communications) Locks & Alarms (from mechnical to electronic) Advanced Communication Encryption/Decryption (better than basic encrypt/decrypt) Melee Weapons (knives, swords, etc. -- you should pick a different type weapon each time you take this skill) Assassination (mostly sniping, but also poison and other methods) Surveillance (listening devices, following a subject without being seen, etc.) Disguise Concealed Weapons Seduction ('Shall we shag now or shag later baby?') Lying/Bribery Forgery Advanced Command Interrogation (how to extract information from a prisoner -- but remember, the Feds aren't big on torture!) Tinkering (a more crude but effective form of engineering) Biological Warfare (how to deal with biological, metagenic and chemical weapons) Combat Engineering (like 'how to build a bridge over a river for a retreating army', etc) Sub-orbital Insertion (Basically how to drop from a ship in the upper atmosphere of a planet, go through reentry and land using a parachute -- i.e. Starship Troopers the novel) Cybernetics (offshoot of either medical or engineering) Negotiation (how to defuse a hostage situation) Armorer (those of you who want to build your own weapons, here you go) Advanced Piloting (You too can be as good as Tom Paris!)


Pre-First Contact assesment of new civilisations Investigation of new technologies being developed by the Romulan/Klingon/Cardassians etc Investigation of reports that the Dominion is planning a return to the Alpha Quadrant Destabilisation of treaties/alliances between any of the major (or minor) quadrant powers Counter-Intelligence of Tal'Shiar or Obsidian Order operatives in any major Federation base/ship/member homeworld etc Assistance of rebels of any enemy power Assistance of ruling government against unwanted rebellion Saboutage of enemy facilities Development of spy-networks on Romulus, Cardassia etc Basic intel work on ANY homeworld, colony, base, ship Basic police work throughout the Federation, catching known criminals, pirates etc Security/bodyguard/protection work for major Federation Leaders