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A pair of Waagoshin in civilian attire

The Waagoshin are a bipedal Humanoid species who originated in the Beta Quadrant. The location and name of their home world or system is unknown.

Sometime in the mid 2100's the Waagoshin were contacted by or made contact with the Niglik. The Niglik were more technologically advanced and aided the Waagoshin in developing more advanced technology.

By 2198, however, the Waagoshin were convinced that the Niglik were purposefully holding back Waagoshin technological development by not sharing all their technology. As a result the Waagoshin launched a sneak attack against the Niglik homeworld, Nigli.

The Niglik were not without allies, however. They called upon the Tch'Kairn and the Joz to aid them. Although both species contributed to the efforts to defend the Niglik, the Waagoshin were successful in overwhelming them within 5 years. This attack is considered the beginning of the Waagoshin Invasion.

The Waagoshin then went on to attack and conquer the Tch'Kairn on their home world of Tch'Kair ,which fell in 2208. Unable to locate the Joz, the Waagoshin leadership began sending exploratory fleets into neighboring regions. There they encountered the Hessth.

The Hessth turned out to be as militarily aggressive as the Waagoshin and the two species are mortal enemies. Both are currently locked in a military stalemate along a lengthy frontier.

In 2308, the Waagoshin were expelled from the Sigma Draconis System through the combined forces of the USS Hades and the Tch'Kairn Resistance.

The Waagoshin first appeared in the USS Hades Mission: A Rule of Conscience.