Sirius Krell

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Sirius Krell
Name: Sirius Krell
Rank: Merchant Captain
Awards: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 49
Position: COO: K&K Intersteller Shipping.
Ship: IMS Circe (Merchantman)
Status: Inactive:
"I don't see this as a problem. I see it as a challange."
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Born on Stardate 2361.07.14 in Manchester, England, Terra. Sirius Krell was the seventh of eleven children in his family. Quiet and unassuming Krell spent much of his free time reading and otherwise pursuing scholarly pursuits. He was often known to his family, as the little brother that everyone forgot, even his parents were known to at times forget about him.

Being a part of a large and loving family gave Sirius a solid background and as might be expected a strong sense of family. Unlike his older brothers and sisters Sirius was never interested in team sports but this did not mean that he was not athletic. In fact he enrolled Ju Jitsu at the age of six years old and his continued his practice of that Martial art throughout his life. Some of the proudest moments of young Sirius’ life were when he brought home several gold medals, for wins in several prestigious competitions held across Europe.

Academically Krell excelled as well and it seemed that there was little that he could not do well be it math, sciences, history or even art. So it was of little surprise to his family when at the tender age of sixteen Krell was offered a full scholarship to Oxford University.

At Oxford University:[edit]

For his first two years at Oxford, Krell remained uncommitted and concentrated on getting his basic courses out of the way and adjusting to college life and life away from home. For a boy who had grown up in a crowded house surrounded by siblings dorm life was no challenge. While still quiet and unassuming Krell made friends easily and found that all in all he enjoyed college.

Eventually, Sirius settled into his course work working on a double major, pursuing a Masters in Economics and an MBA.

Krell, Graduated from Oxford with a 3.82 GPA.

Starfleet Marines:[edit]

After college Krell shocked friends and family by enlisting in the Starfleet Marines. After the six-month training program on Mars, Sirius went on to serve on a number of worlds and in numerous combat operations. Within two years Sirius had earned a commission and at the end of his six years of service held the rank of Captain.

During his time in the Marines, Krell served in several high profile units, including the Hell Hounds and the 3rd Blackguard Regiment. He made many friends and cultivated many contacts, most of whom he remains in contact with even to this day.

His commanders often described Krell as a cool and levelheaded warrior who never allowed his personal feelings to get in the way of his mission. It is a trait that Krell has built a solid reputation on.

Advanced Aerospatial Engineering:[edit]

Directly out of the Corps, Krell took a position with AAE as a Design Manager for the Trojan-7 Marine Assault Transport. With his education and experience Krell was able to completely revitalize the project, which had been in danger of being dropped and within eleven months AAE had won a lucrative contract to produce the Transport for the Starfleet Marines.

Krell went on to work as the Design Manager on two more projects before being offered the position of Executive Vice President in charge of Contract Procurement. Krell spent the rest of his time with AAE as a troubleshooter working extensively with different projects while trying to win new contracts for AAE. It was during this time that Krell gained an intimate knowledge of starships and starship construction.

System Enterprises:[edit]

Krell was enticed away from his position with AAE by one Wellan Maaliss who was the President and CEO of System Enterprises based on Terra but with many facilities throughout the Federation. System Enterprises had many shipping contracts with AAE and Krell had gotten to know and respect the older man.

Maaliss Convinced Sirius to move to Trill and take over System Enterprises' Trill Facility. His new position as Regional Vice President of Shipping Operations was far different from anything he’d ever done. He worked hard and with Maaliss as a mentor and he learned first hand how to build and operate a successful shipping business.

It was also during this time that he met Maaliss’ daughter Sandra and in a whirlwind romance the two were married less than a year after they met. For ten years Sirius lived, worked and built a life with Sandra on Trill. Unfortunately tragedy struck in the form of Barrett’s Syndrome and within six weeks of the diagnosis Sandra died late one evening in Sirius’ arms.

After Sandra's memorial service Krell resigned from System Enterprises, said goodbye to the grieving Wellan Maaliss, and left Trill a broken man.

Years Adrift:[edit]

IMS Circe

After the death of his beloved wife Krell moved around from world to world never staying in one place for long. With very few exceptions he spent most of that time intoxicated. Eventually he found himself on Orion where he stayed for some months as his alcoholism raged out of control.

After spending a week in a medical facility after nearly succumbing to acute alcohol poisoning, Krell met Pretenzia Nivalla an Orion who was also an operative and recruiter for the Orion Syndicate. Nivalla used both her persuasive powers and her feminine skills to lure Krell into a torrid affair as well as recruiting him into the Syndicate.

For the next three years Krell worked as an operative for the Syndicate, acting as a roving troubleshooter. Never in one place for longer than a month or two Sirius learned to live again, although he was still only a shadow of his former self. Life became a game to Sirius in which he engaged in one mission after another, his entire life outlook became meeting or surpassing the goals set before him by his employers and then moving on to the next assignment. Money became simply a way of keeping score and in a very short period of time Sirius was winning the game.

It was during a mission to Andoria that Krell met one Milton Pettigrew, a merchant Captain who was looking at expanding his business. The two became friends and after some time Krell decided to go to work for Pettigrew full time while still taking the occasional assignment from the Syndicate.

After several years together, Krell and Pettigrew had become so successful that they had begun building a merchant fleet under the Corporate name of Pettigrew Transport Systems. This build-up culminated in the purchase of a retired Federation Excelsior Class starship that had been in mothballs at the fleet storage facility at Vega. It took months to refit the vessel and convert her to use as a merchant vessel, while still leaving her weapons and tactical systems intact, but in the end it proved to be a shrewd decision. In her first cruise the newly commissioned IMS Circe went to the aid of another merchant vessel under attack by pirates and easily destroyed two of the three attacking raiders.

After another two years Krell did what he did best, handling problems and acting as the company’s troubleshooter. Whether it was convincing reluctant clients to pay their tabs, or negotiating delicate trade agreements, Sirius moved around the Alpha quadrant never staying on one place for too long. It was the chance to land a lucrative trade agreement that would lead Krell to take on his most challenging assignment yet.

Djorn Major.

Djorn Major:[edit]

When Sirius Krell took over the position of Assistant Administrator at Djorn Major, a guise that would allow him to undertake his initial mission at that facility, which was to facilitate a trade agreement with the Federation Penal system and Pettigrew Transport Systems to bring supplies to Djorn Major XJ-003. He was later able to use his position to manipulate contracts for PTS for regular supply runs between Djorn Major, Gamma-Hydri-7, Torbinmaul and Venasso XJ-017.

While at Djorn Major, Krell came across numerous business opportunities to profit from including setting the prison up as a Black Market way station for goods going in and out of the Federation. Running arms for various resistance movements against the Doenitz led Federation and he even allowed the Underground Railroad to set up an operation aboard the station led by the Stations CMO, in which scores of prisoners ‘died’ only to wake up with new lives in the Beta Quadrant. On more than one occasion Sirius himself took a hand in helping smuggle people off the station and out of the Federation, safely into the Beta Quadrant.

During his time on Djorn Major, Krell developed a highly adversarial relationship with the stations Head Gaoler Darnar Brokas, which was mostly one-sided, with Sirius seldom taking Brokas seriously. It was not until his final weeks aboard the facility that the rivalry got to the point where Krell seriously considered having Brokas terminated.

During the Djorn Major Incident Krell did his best to defeat the efforts of the Starfleet rescue team lead by Captain Devan Sash but when he realized that his efforts would be futile he made the decision to make his escape and thereby avoiding the coming retribution from Admiral Doenitz. At the last moment Krell decided that he could not leave Administrator Kuln high and dry as he had grown to respect that man over the six years that he’d served with him.

With Milton Pettigrew dead in the attack on the station, Krell convinced Kuln to leave with him so that they could go into business together. Kuln agreed and Krell wiped all of the stations computer logs and disabling the stations tracking sensors to allow himself and Kuln a chance to get away cleanly.

That done both Kuln and Krell escaped leaving Darnar Brokas behind, the lone “survivor” of the command staff to take the fall for disaster at Djorn Major.

A New Beginning:[edit]

Upon departing Djorn Major aboard the IMS Circe, Krell and Kuln reorganized the company with Kuln as Chief Executive Officer and Krell as its Chief Operations Officer. Ordering their small fleet of Merchantmen outside of Federation space the company is currently reorganizing and setting up a new base of operations.

Krell's Final Post:[edit]

Mission: For a Friend

Day 3

Stardate: 2407.03.09

(USS Circe – Deck 1 - Bridge – Captain Sirius Krell - 0818)

When they appeared on the bridge of the Circe a number of the crewmen were startled while still others appeared to be unsurprised. Linda Morton stood up and said, “It’s about time you got here Krell!”

Sirius smiled at her and said, “Hello Linda, it’s been too long. I see you still have a deplorable lack of patience.”

She smirked but something in her eyes showed that she was actually genuinely glad to see Sirius. “Especially when there’s a lot of shooting going on. Can we get out of here now?” She had by now turned a curious eye on Kuln and it was clear that she was wondering at his presence.

Sirius smiled and said, “I think it might be best if we did leave now, and with that he moved to the Command Chair and taking a seat he quickly released the computer overrides which had prevented the Circe from deserting them.

Looking up he said, “Helm set a course to the coordinates I just forwarded to you, Warp eight point five if you please.”

Turning to the communications crewman he said, “Communications please contact all vessels and have them rendezvous with us at our destination. Once we’re all together we’ll meet aboard the Circe and make plans for the future of the company. With the death of Milton there are about to be a lot of changes and everyone needs to have a voice in it.”

Glancing at another crewman who was simply standing there and looking dumbfounded, Krell gestured to Kuln and said, “Crewman, this is Admiral Kuln. His personal affects are currently in Transporter Room Two along with my belongings. Please see to it that his belongings are transferred to the Admirals Quarters and that mine are transferred to the Captains Quarters.”

It was at that point that the Helmsman cut in saying, “Captain, course is plotted and laid in.”

Krell nodded and glanced at Morton who was now sitting in the First Officer’s chair. She said, “Ready for departure sir.”

Krell looked up at Kuln and then gestured to the Second Officers chair next to his and said, “Admiral if you’d like to take a seat we’ll get underway.”

Kuln nodded and spoke for the first time since coming aboard, “Thank you Captain.”

Once Kuln had settled himself Krell said, “Helm get us out of here.”

Within moments the Circe was on her way and Djorn Major was nothing more than a small point of light rapidly receding behind them and nothing but the future was in front of them.

(Reply: Kuln)

(Posted By: Ken Thacker)


Martial arts, stage and theatre, games of chance and 3-D Chess. Sirius also enjoys travel and learning about new people and cultures.

Medical History:[edit]

Krell has never suffered from any serious injuries or illness'.

After the death of his wife Krell became a severe alocoholic but since his recovery he has never relapsed. Krell now strictly limits himself to no more than two drinks at a time and will often not consume alcohol for weeks or even months at a time.


Krell has a tendency to suffer from bouts of depression and has never really recovered from the death of his wife. To compensate for this weakness he tends to keep busy whether with his various business dealings or with his hobbies during the few hours of leisure time that he leaves himself. Krell is fond of Trills and their culture and has a better understanding of them than most outsiders.

Sirius has a vast net of contacts within the Orion Syndicate from his days with that organization and is still on good terms with most of them.

He also has a large number of contacts with the Marines as well as a few contacts within Starfleet itself.

Sirius Krell was played by Kenneth Thacker during the "For a Friend" mission.