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According to Jeremy - A burnt out 80`s rock star.
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Quotation of the Month[edit]

"You may say I`m a dreamer, but I`m not the only one "
— John Lennon - 1940-1980

Never again, not in my name[edit]

The worlds ruled by a cheat, with his gang of thieves, who`s lies & double speak, spread faster than disease & your pursuit of peace will mark you out a freak, a victim & a bore while their portfolio soars & weapons sales will peak, aimed only at the weak, those already on their knees, it`s alms for amputees, it`s the bullets exit hole, where the blood n money flows........

Never again, not in my name........

Bad guys come first, the third world thirsts, starves or dies of aids in the modern day crusades, the wild west will win, defeat the indians, drive the devils to the door, with the homeless & the poor, & when theres nothing left to bomb, no one left to beat, they`ll train their crosswires on, the unseen enemy, the ever present threat, that hasn`t happened yet & probably never will, still they move in for the kill, but the nightsights won`t show, if your friend or foe, are you so much better than, the junkies & saddam, are you guaranteed a place when they build the master race, or will the world then be pure, we`ve heard that one before, in history`s deepest holes where the blood n money flowed....

Never again, not in my name........

Contact Me![edit]

I am on yahoo messenger as Lonewolf_61. My ICQ number is 337370411 In addition to this you may sometimes find me on mIRC in the StarTrek Freedom chat room as Lonewolf...

Read my personal blog - Warning, I tend to swear a little!


Star Trek: Freedom[edit]

The USS Cochrane[edit]

The USS Cochrane was my first assignment upon leaving the Academy. She was commanded at this time by Captain Alexandra Lowell played by Laurence Durand who has since left the game. I have fond memories of the Cochrane as she was the ship I cut my teeth on, it was also where I met one of my most enduring friends on Freedom Calvin Capps who now plays as the Spectre's 2nd Officer.

When the Cochrane was ordered into drydock, her crew were scattered amongst the fleet, both myself & Calvin ending up as FO & 20 aboard the USS Paladin under the command of Captain Eva Straton played by Wes harden.

The USS Paladin[edit]

The USS Paladin was where my PC character truly evolved, grew & became fleshed out into a living breathing character. As her second officer, I enjoyed many interesting missions here one of which was to become one of my most convoluted & enduring posting sessions regarding a makeshift bomb fashioned from a torpedo warhead in a jefferies tube & a knife edge, sudden death situation!

You might think that not much could be posted about that but you`d be wrong, read the compile if your still sceptical. It was fun.

The USS Spectre[edit]

My current PC assignment. I arrived on the Spectre when it was under the command of Captain Remae Ktell played by Anthony Keen. After a stint as her new FO I was eventually given command, taking over the reins as her CO after Anthony left to pursue his Utopia Planitia project more fully. From that time I`ve not looked back, it`s been an interesting ride.

My Characters

My supplemental Characters

  • Admiral Xavier Durant - Fleet FO/Fleet Medical Officer
  • Commander Talok - Commanding Officer - IRW DihVael
  • Sub Commander Selerk - Second in Command - IRW DihVael
  • Major N'Alea - Tal'Shiar Operative - IRW DihVael
  • Councillor Sulia Madon - Detapa Council Member - Wherabouts Unknown.
  • Proconsul T'hara-Jotal - Romulan Senate - Romulus (Ambassador to the Galactive Cooperative)
  • Presidential Aide Unaru Oloweyo Castigan - Aide to President Rondar Nell
  • Doctor Samantha Gunnell - Mission Specialist, Borg Semantics expert

For Future Use

For Future Use

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