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Brian Steven Rogers
Name: Brian Steven Rogers
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Position: Starfleet Intelligence Agent
Ship: USS Spectre
Status: Active
"Confident, somewhat cocky at times, prone to practical jokes.... She knew the type, she had seen enough of them in her time to be able to read them anyway. "
— Lt.Yelena Vasilyovna, thoughts about Lt. Rogers
"Sometimes, Mr. Rogers, you've got to fight a special kind of war. A war without a fleet. "
— The Mysterious Admiral White

Brian Rogers is a Starfleet Officer.


Pre-Starfleet Life[edit]


Brian Rogers was born on Luna, in Armstrong City in the year 2383, to Captain Robert Rogers III and Lt. Commander Lindsay Rogers (nee Bach). Mrs. Rogers stayed on Luna with young Brian while Captain Rogers and his older brother and two sisters returned to the USS Wilson and continued on their mission.

Months later, Brian and his mother rejoined his family onboard the USS Wilson. The Rogers family had an extensive history in Starfleet, almost all of them serving on the bridge of a starship. The eldest male was always named Robert Rogers, and Brian's older brother was in fact, Robert Rogers IV. He was also related to an Admiral James Rogers, who led Starfleet during the Romuluan War.

Brian however, was sickened by all the talk over his pedigree. While his parents often broke the rules about children on the bridge and allowed Brian and his siblings on the bridge, Brian was more fascinated with sickbay, and the ship's medical staff. He saw them has life savers, and a very vital part of the operations of a starship.

When Brian turned 16, he returned to Luna, this time, alone and began studying at the prestigious Luna Academy, a private boarding school that was famous for grooming young captains and command officers in Starfleet. Brian barely passed with a diploma from Luna Academy, and almost flunked out several times.

Starfleet Academy[edit]

The USS Wilson
Starfleet Academy

At age 18, he took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, and gained entrance into the school. Although, he angered his parents when he choose a Medical Major, instead of Operations or Tactical, which were more direct paths to a command opportunity.

During his time at the Academy, Brian was a 'big man on campus' has he found young female cadets were impressed by his "famous" family history. However, when the Academy commandant threatened to kick him out of the school for bad grades and many reports of bad behavior and breaking the honor code, he straightened out and stopped his 'wild' ways.

Brian found that a way to focus his energy was in the sport of hockey, where he developed a hard workout regime on himself to keep himself in shape for the cut throat Earth Collegiate Hockey League. He was named team captain of the Starfleet Academy-San Francisco hockey team. He did not want the position just because he was the best player; he wanted another player to have it because that other player was the best leader. Later that year, Brian helped SA:SF win a hockey title against the hockey dynasty, and SA:SF rivals, Starfleet Academy-Toronto.

Brian passed his Medical exam with flying colors and was shipped off to Starbase Geneva with the rank of Ensign (Junior Grade}

First Assignment, Starbase Geneva[edit]

Starbase Geneva

Brian arrived on board Starbase Geneva and met with Captain Lise Arianna, who welcomed him aboard. He was ordered to go to a costume party where he first met Dr. Kaitlyn Mackenzie who he has an infatuation on. He also met his future friend, Paul Casely.

Shortly after Brian arrived on Geneva, an odd planet appeared seemingly out of no where. The station's crew boarded the USS Nautilus and went to the planet, but found a shield. Back on Geneva, has the engineering crew worked to lower the shield, Brian worked with young engineer, Jason Miller to create a device to speak with the people, who spoke pre-warp English. Brian then went with Casely and other staff members to the planet, where he aided Casely, and later earned a medal (see below) and a promotion to full Ensign.

However, after the mission, it was revealed to Casely and Dr. Mackenzie that Brian had a serious drug addiction to Cordazine. Under their supervision, they helped Brian overcome this horrible vice. Casely began giving Brian marital arts lessons to clam him, and Command Training to give his life purpose, and also to groom him for a possible career in command. This is when it is believed that Casely and Rogers became friends, has much has rank would allow.

Rogers in Geneva's Medical Center

However, it seems that Brian would need his training, has a few days later, Casely was the target of a terrorist bombing on Geneva, and Brian, who was acting third officer, was thrust into command of the station. He was advised by Mackenzie, who had prior command experience and by Admiral Gr'iann, a loveable Caitian who was Fleet Second Officer. Brian hoped that it would be an easy time in command, but the USS Montcalm appeared, a ship loyal to Admiral Doenitz that was seriously damaged and requested help. Brian made his first heavy command decision of his career has he sent engineering and medical teams onboard the USS Montcalm to repair the ship. Brian was worried about sending his friends into the heart of an enemy ship, and sure enough, some members of the Montcalm were planning to take the Geneva members hostage, but Rogers sent of a Marine team to save them. After this, Brian was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

Then, a group of Cardassians arrived who acted odd, and an anti-human terrorist group attacked and Brian and Ensign Samantha Chandler investigated. Shortly after, war was declared, and the senior staff of Starbase Geneva were sent to the USS Boudicca.

Second Assignment USS Boudicca[edit]

The USS Boudicca

Disaster struck before they could reach the Boudicca, and the senior crew crashed onboard a planet. It appeared the USS Boudicca has been investigating this planet, and now a large away team was also trapped. Brian worked in the medical center with Dr. Mor'rel, and later in an attack force with his mentor, Commander Casely. Soon, the Boudicca crew was rescued and Brian joined his new ship.

Onboard the ship, Casely (who was promoted to StratOps Officer for the Task Force Flagship Fleet) organized a holodeck simulation with the old Boudicca crew and the new transfers from Geneva. The simulation was a success and everybody began working together.

The Boudicca began a mission to Tau Seti VIId in an effort to destory one of Doenitz' secret projects. Captain Caladryll Sevant asked Brian to monitor crew morale and any odd behavior by the crew.

Shortly there after, Brian was called to Captain Sevant's office and promoted to full Lieutenant and given sealed orders and sent to take a Type-9 Shuttlecraft to a resupply fleet and wait. After a few touching good byes with Dr. Mackenzie and Commander Casely, Brian left on his shuttle.

Transit from Boudicca to Spectre[edit]

On his way the Boudicca to a resupply fleet, Rogers was encountered a Intrepid-class ship that was loyal to Doenitz, and who waged attacked Rogers. The ship was heavily damaged, and that allowed Rogers to disable the ship and contiune his way to the resupply fleet.

Rogers met the resupply fleet, at which point, his orders were unsealed. They informed him that he would be the new FO of the USS Spectre, and a set of coordinates along with other information.

He arrived at the coordinates enclosed and waited for over five hours, at which point, the Spectre arrived, and took Lt. Rogers aboard.

Third Assignment, USS Spectre[edit]

Rogers made his first impression on the Spectre by making casual jokes about the Spectre's latency in arriving. T'Vhor scolded him, however it did not seem to effect his opinion on his new First Officer.

Brian quickly adapted to the Spectre, and made friends with the crew. He frequently clashed with Counselor David Taxia, who saw Lt. Rogers as a stiff model officer, and Rogers saw Taxia as a undisciplined rogue.

Brian only served one mission as the Spectre's first officer. He was injured in a battle and transfered to Starbase Geneva for medical recovery.

Medical Recovery, Starbase Geneva[edit]

Brian once again found himself in Starbase Geneva, this time, under the care of the full medical staff and contained in a private medical suite, usually only reserved for special life-threatening cases, or patients for whom security is an issue.

Brian's injuries were not that serious, and it was later discovered by Mr. Rogers that this was actually an SFI plot to recruit him into the intelligence services.

Fourth Assignment, Starfleet Intelligence Field Operations[edit]

During this time, Rogers was trained in the ways of combat, stealth and intelligence on a secret SFI asteroid base, on the nearest edge of the Delta Quadrant. Following his training, he served in numerous SFI field operations. He typically fought against Doenitz' forces, but sometimes in special police actions against Federation citizens. He became changed by these missions, and disenchanted with the entire SFI process. He was quickly shuffled out of the Field Operations divison.

Fifth Assignment, Back to the USS Spectre[edit]

SFI's brass had Rogers reassigned to his old ship, the USS Spectre. In his first mission back with the Spectre, he got into a disagreement with some members of the senior staff after he proposed spying on Ushar Prime, a Federation world. He later got into a confrontation on Ushar Prime, and was arrested by local police.

This represents the farthest point in Rogers' career thus far. This will be updated as events unfold.

Other Information[edit]

His favorite piece of music is "O Fortuna", apart of the "Carmina Burana" collection, by Carl Orff.

Brian Rogers is played by Kevin Schram