David Alexander

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Lieutenant Senior Grade David Alexander is currently a Tactical Officer on board the USS Vindicator

David Alexander
Name: David Wade Alexander Jr.
Rank: Lttacsec.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 26
Position: Tactical Officer
Ship: USS Vindicator
Status: NPC

Physical Details[edit]

Biographical Information[edit]

Name: David Alexander



Birthplace: Earth


Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour:Brown


Weight:160 lbs

IBS Blood Colour:Red

Skin Colour:White(tan)

Physical Description[edit]

David is muscular with a small frame.


When he was younger had his leg broken in two place.

Biographical Details[edit]


Born in Dallas, Texas on Stardate 2382.08.09. His father served six years in starfleet then retired at the rank of Lt. He then became a lawyer. David lived his entire life on earth along with his parents, and his siblings, Will, John, and Elisa. He is the grandson of former Starfleet Admiral Gonzalo Rodriguez Martin-Granizo, who died when he was 4 in 2386.

He lived a pretty normal and uneventful life. He always wanted to be a Starfleet officer when he was younger, and recieved a History Degree at the University of Oklahoma before deciding to enter the Academy. His brother Will is currently the Second Officer onboard the USS Spectre. His brother John a Senior, with a medical major. All 3 siblings attended Major Universities before going to the academy because they wanted to make sure that is what they truly wanted to do. When they were little they all wanted to be starfleet officers, like there dad was, and most of their uncles on there mom's side of the family were. They would always make believe they were onboard ships and would play. But as they grew older those dreams seamed to fade. When his brother Will entered Starfleet the three brothers made a pact. they would all serve time in starfleet and but there careers on hold, serving in Starfleet to achieve there childhood dream and to "protect" the galaxy.

David is of spanish(spain) and American descent. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, USA, but also lived in Mexico City, Mexico, and Hondruas mainly inpart to his dad's lawyer job that he took after being honorably discharged from Starfleet.

David comes from a family of Starfleet officers. On his mothers side he has 10 uncles currently serving in Starfleet with about 3 of them in command of their own ship, 3 serving as first officers, 1 Chief of engineering, 1 Chief of Operations, 1 Chief Tactical officer, and 1 JAG. His grandfather on his mom's side was also a Starfleet Admiral before he died when David was four. David also has many cousins serving in Starfleet as well. On his fathers side, only his dad served in starfleet as a CONN officer and then later as a flight instructor at the Rota Base in Spain. Although his grandfather on his dad's side did serve as a politician on Earth, as well as the President of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. On his dad's side David has no cousin's in starfleet, and his sister has no plans of entering into Starfleet. Daicd wanted to become a Tactical officer because he felt it was the best fit for him.


Starfleet Academy

History Degree from the University of Oklahoma

Pre Starfleet[edit]

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a History Degree.

Walk on memeber of the University of Oklahoma track team, where he participated as a Pole Vaulter. He graduated from OU in 2404.

Starfleet Career[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

In 2404 David offically began classes at the Starfleet Academy.

USS Vindicator[edit]

USS Vindicator

David's first posting and current posting was to the USS Vindicator where he is a Lt. JG and the current Assistant Chief Tactical Officer

Other Information[edit]


David loves holodeck simulations that let him use weaponry.


He is a good marksman and trained in hand to hand combat.


He has one brother on the USS Poseidon Lt. Commander John Alexander. His other brother is on the USS Mithrandir and is Captain Will Alexander

Ranks Achieved[edit]





David Alexander is related to a character that is played by Will Banowsky