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Eoin Mac Liam was a Starfleet Officer that served just after the end of the Federation Civil War in the early 25th century.

Personnel Profile[edit]

  • Serial Number: ML 9950-2693
  • Active Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Hades
  • Former Assignments: None.

Service Record[edit]

Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

First to the land, second to the war, third to the pulpit, and pray for no more
— Ancient Earth Primogeniture Rhyme

Eoin was born on Stardate 60238 in Shannon, Ireland, the middle of five children. He grew up on a small farm not far outside the city, where he helped the hired hands with much of the work that needed to be done. His father, whose family had owned the property since at least the mid-20th century, split his time between managing the farm and travelling all across Earth for concerts, as he was an accomplished cello player. His mother was a full time painter. She insisted that her children sit for a portrait once every year, and Eoin still has a copy of his last portrait. It was his mother, too who taught him how to speak Irish Gaelic, and always insisted he use it when speaking to her family.

As the middle child, Eoin was passed over many times, and while his older and younger siblings were sent off to study the arts either with their parents or talented artists nearby, Eoin was many times left to his own devices with the farmhands. Many people thought that he would be the one to inherit the farm someday, but that changed when he joined Starfleet.

Academy Life[edit]

I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord, I miss my mind!
— Anonymous

Eoin did not go right into the Academy after graduating Secondary School. Instead, he enrolled in University College, Dublin. There, he majored in Exolinguistics. During his first semester alone, he was required to become fluent in all official languages of the Alpha Quadrant powers. Needless to say, it was a lot of work. After the end of the first semester, however, he realized that the Universal Translator had basically eliminated the need for interpreters, so what was a budding linguist to do? Join Starfleet.

With all the credits Eoin already had under his belt, he was able to skip the first semester of Exolinguistics at Starfleet Academy. So, instead of taking Dead Languages the first semester, Eoin enrolled in the Computing Languages concentration for the first semester. This eventually led him to declare a minor in Engineering. Of course, he had his work cut out for him in Exolinguistics, but he convinced himself that Engineering was just another language to master.

He also met several friends that he still keeps in contact with. They were Lo'ren T'Vof, Yuri Abelev, and Apollo Stevens. The three of them stayed together all four years, and became known all throughout campus. Whether they were famous or infamous depends on who you talk to. Boothby spoke highly of the group, however.

Recent Career[edit]

God and Mary must be with you!
— Cadet Eoin Mac Liam, Stardate 85002

After graduation in 2406, Eoin enrolled in Advanced Training, to flesh out his Engineering skills as well as his more general scientific skills. He surprised everyone, including himself, when he was able to finish the program in only a year and a half, when most cadets take between two and three years to complete Advanced Training. The final, which everyone talks about as being absolutely dreadful, was very stressful on him, but he passed it with flying colours.

He graduated near the top of the class, and was posted to the USS Hades as an Assistant Chief Engineer. While waiting for the Hades to arrive, Eoin was assigned as a temporary engineer on Starbase Geneva. He left after approximately two weeks, and has since gone back to Earth for the Hades' refit. In that time, he attended a reception for the Romulans in celebration of the new treaty signed between them and the Federation.

He also participated in the first contact mission with the Waagoshin, Tch'Kairn and Niglik races. He was part of the away team invited aboard to tour the Waagoshin station in orbit of Tch'Kair in 2408. When he learned of the way the two latter races were treated, he hatched a plan to create a computer virus to use against the Waagoshin in order to help free them. Once the idea was proposed to the acting captain, Eoin was placed on the away team. He beamed down to the surface, and helped fight through to the transporter room to beam up to the station, and liberate both the slaves and the Starfleet hostages. The team got out most of them, but unfortunately lost the captain. Even still, he was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon for the part he played in the liberation of Tch'kair.

A few months later, the Hades was thrown forward in time by five years, to fall 2413. One of the first things Eoin did when this occured was to contact his family. They had taken his dissappearance very hard, and now considered him dead. Eoin has had a hard time dealing with this revelation, and won't be reconciled with his family until he returns to Earth.

Medical Record[edit]

Nothing of note. Eoin has always been very healthy and active.

Personal Life[edit]

Personal Relationships[edit]

Psychological Profile[edit]


Awards and Recognition[edit]

EU Lamp Order.PNG
  • European Union Order of the Lamp, 2400, for excellence in Exo-linguistics
  • Combat Action Ribbon, 2408, for participating in the liberation of Tch'kair.



  • First name is pronounced identical to "Owen."
  • Surname is usually angicized as "Wilson."