Holographic Telecommunication

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An early concept for the Holographic meeting scanner

Holographic Telecommunication is a means by which the recipient of a two-way communications is able to interact more directly with each other through the utilization of advanced real-time buffers and holographic technology. It utilizes passive scanners, real-time subspace communications buffers and holographic generators as well as forcefield generators.

This technology was originally developed by Ensign Kenneth McKenzie aboard the USS Mithrandir, and was later installed aboard the USS Rosenante and the USS Boudicca after components were delivered by Chance Raschen commanding the SS Tranquility in 2414.

Similar technology was used by Quol Nor in his Assassin Hologram and by USS Rosenante Engineer Eian O'Neill to conduct a holographic service with his family from Starbase 989. O'Neill developed his technology independently, unaware that the technology was in development by members of the Mithrandir crew.