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Remus is the third of four planets in the Romulan System, home of the Remans and sister planet to Romulus.

Remus is tidally locked, with one side (hemisphere) of Remus always facing the sun while the other always faces away from it. The conditions on the nightside are adequate for a colonization, whereas the dayside of Remus is permanently exposed to the Romulan sun. Although both planets orbit their central star, Romulus and Remus are often refered to as twin planets.

Remus is known to be rich in dilithium, and as such many large mines are present on the planet. The Remans are more-or-less treated as a slave race and put to work in these mines.

Romulan society will often sentance criminals to work in the dilithium mines, with the conditions being so dire. The Remans survive because of the evolutionary hardiness to the location. Outsides do not fair as well.

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