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New Romulan Emblem


Historical and genetic evidence shows that the Romulans are descended from a rebel Vulcan colony. But unlike the logic-dominated and pacifist Vulcans, Romulans have remained a very passionate and aggressive people.

The Romulan Star Empire actually has two homeworlds, Romulus and Remus. While scarcely any information exists regarding Remus, a little more in known about Romulus. The few outsiders to have been there describe it as a world of awesome beauty. These planets are thought to have been founded approximately 2,000 years ago, and existed at least as early as 2152, when it made first contact with United Earth. The Romulan Star Empire is well known for its xenophobic and expansionist policies.

They continually seek to expand their share of space by whatever means necessary. This ethic has often been taken to extreme lengths by the brutal Tal Shiar – the much-feared intelligence wing of the empire.

The Empire[edit]

Known Romulan Space

The Romulan Star Empire has expanded largely through the conquest of its neighbours. Fallen worlds are ruled with an iron fist, with local governments under absolute control of the Romulan overseers. And while the Romulans possess strong emotions, they seem to be utterly devoid of any empathy for those they subjugate. But for all these excesses, Romulans are still considered to be a highly honourable people.

First encountered by Starfleet in a battle that took place two centuries ago, theRomulans have continued to be a persistent thorn in the side of the Federation.

After a brief and bitter war with Earth forces in 2160, the Romulan Neutral Zone was established as a one-light-year-wide buffer zone separating Federation and Romulan territory. Starships from either side crossing over the zone, or even venturing into it, risk causing an official act of war.

While there are occasional incursions, the Neutral Zone remained secure for decades – until a Romulan ship crossed it in 2266 as a test of Federation resolve.

Space Alliances[edit]

Old Romulan Emblem

Romulans pride themselves on their intellect, and this may have contributed to dissolution of their short alliance with the Klingons in the 2260’s, whom they consider too barbaric to be trusted.

However, this alliance does result in an exchange of technology that benefits both races – particularly the Klingons, who obtain basic cloaking technology from their short-term allies. The origins of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey can also be traced back to these times.

In 2311, the Romulans kill thousands of Federation citizens in the Tomed Incident. After this, the Treaty of Algeron is drawn up which reaffirms the Neutral Zone, and ushers in a period of Romulan isolation.

Unintentionally, the Romulans play a pivotal role in a major peace initiative after they make a brutal attack on the Klingon outpost of Narendra III in 2344. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C responds to distress calls from the colony and tries to help the besieged Klingons. Although the USS Enterprise is reported lost in the battle, the heroism of the ship’s crew so impresses the Klingons that the incident leads to closer Federation-Klingon ties.

Out of the Shadows[edit]

The period of Romulan isolation ends in 2364, in response to fears of aggressive activity by the dreaded Borg.

It does not take the Romulans long to return to their scheming plans which, in 2368, include a plot to conquer Vulcan.

Becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the Federation-Klingon alliance and fearing the combined power as a threat, the Romulans attempt to undermine the peaceful co-existence of the two interstellar superpowers in the late 2360’s. But their efforts prove unsuccessful, and it is left to other forces to create a truly serious rift between the Federation and the Klingons.

More Recently[edit]

Shinzon on the Romulan Seat of Power

Since the death of Praetor Shinzon, and the fall of the Tal Shiar, the empire has endured a dark period of time as it rebuilt its economy and intelligence division to its once proud status.

During the Federation Civil War, the Romulans did not officially declare if they stood with LoDona or Doentiz, however they came close to declaring hostilities with the Federation (52nd Fleet) after an invasion of the USS Nimitz by the IRV Red Claw.

Tribuo Senatus[edit]

On Stardate 2407.12.28, the Romulan Senate decided to attempt to re-open negotiations with the Federation following the end of the civil war. With their military might returned to what it once was, and the Tal Shiar back to full operation, the empire stands in a good position of power, with some parties rallying for a war with the now weakened Federation, yet the Praetor insisted that peace with the Federation was the best choice. Managing to silence the dissident members of the Senate temporarily, the Romulan Homeworld guardedly opened its arms to the USS Hades and its crew as talk commenced.

The Lesser Evil[edit]

In early 2414, a political dispute rose between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire over the Quezal sector. The planet Quezal was of particular interest to both organizations because of the presence of an extremely rare mineral : Aeghon. The Quezalth had undergone the process of joining the Federation when they suddenly changed their mind and rather decided to link themselves economically to the Romulan Star Empire and requesting the departure of all Federation personnel and closure of their embassy. The Federation and Starfleet suspecting the Romulans greatly influenced the Quezalth decisions through illegitimate means, they protested the legitimacy of such sudden change of opinion. Trading with the Quezalth became difficult as both Starfleet and the Romulan Star Empire increased their military presence in the sector and found every legal and political means available to undermine the relation and trading between the Quezalth and their rival while maintaining the peace.

A few months later, after Federation protest gave no result and were forced to withdraw from the sector, trading between the Quezalth and Romulan Star Empire became much easier. Until a violent explosion occurred at the Quezalth capital, which then reacted with the Aeghon in the planet crust to cause a cascade reaction that almost completely destroyed the planet. After the explosion, millions of Quezalth had been killed and almost every trace of Aeghon was gone. This event made a tense situation worse as the Romulan Star Empire greatly suspected the Federation or Starfleet was behind the genocide, whereas the Federation and Starfleet suspected the Romulans were trying to turn a tragic accident into one of the greatest false accusation that existed. But four months after the explosion, the investigation of the explosion gave little results and as the Romulan interest in Quezal got down to none, the Quezalth decided to reconsider their membership into the Federation. Starfleet was dispatched to help with the relief efforts and with the investigation. However, in late 2414, new findings has brought the suspicion of genocide back into the table, with the Romulan trying once more to get back to Quezal to learn what really happened.


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