Road Runner

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USS Road Runner
Launched 2408.01.07
The USS Road Runner NCC-924701

Bluebird Class
Survey Vessel

  • Missions

Into the Looking Glass

The SS Road Runner is the Fifth Bluebird Class starship to be launched, serving the Albatross Organisation and HAZ-SUP Flotilla as a Emergency Medical Rapid Response Vessel.

Specific Mission Timeline[edit]

2408.06.08 USS Road Runner is commissioned the fifth starship in its class under the command of Commander Jay. The Road Runner is sent on its shake down cruise.

2413.09.08 52nd Fleet transported five years into the future.

2413.10.01 USS Road Runner attacked while carrying sensitive data back to the starbase 259. The ship was damaged and the data was destroyed. The crew was saved but Commander Jay was injured and needed medical rehab. While she was recuperating she was visited by Admiral Birdsong who requested her for a transfer to the Breen Confederation as part of Starfleet’s Diplomatic Corps special operations department.

2413.12.20 Lieutenant Commander Leo Foyle promoted to the rank of Commander and is placed in command of the Road Runner after the repairs and upgrades were complete.

2414.1.10 Road Runner is released from the repair yards and is sent on her new mission.

Due to the damage sustained when battling the ISS Event Horizon the Road Runner was extensively damaged and decomissioned. Commander Leo Foyle and the rest of crew were promoted and resigned to other positions. She was acquired by the Albatross Organisation and added to its fleet.

The Road Runner has been released from Mariner Ship Yards and assigned to the HAZ-SUP Flotilla as a Emergency Medical Rapid Response Vessel.

The Road Runner has been assigned to Special Operation: Special Service Vessels Special Projects Unit along with Gargoyle Six for detached duties from the HAZ-SUP Flotilla with the authorization of Aleese Akess. With the supervision of a Starfleet Intelligence Liaison Officer the Road Runner and her crew have been tasked to understand the severity of the parasitic infection caused by Sulia Madon that is spreading across the Federation.

During the time the Andorran’s left the Federation Star Fleet were becoming short of small fast courier type vessels. They made an agreement with the Albatross Organisation to perches back the Road Runner back into Federation service.

She was refurbished and retrofitted to a surveyor role and sent to explore the subspace river network

Ship Update[edit]

Presumed lost with all hands in the subspace river network