Audrey Williams

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Audrey Williams

Audrey Williams
  • Vital Statistics
    • Age: 36
    • Gender: Female
    • Birthplace: SS Storm Chaser
  • Physical Information
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Red
    • Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    • Weight: 140 lbs
    • Skin Color: Fair
  • Current Stasis
    • Rank:
    • Current Assignment: Fugitive at large
    • Position:

Physical Description[edit]

Athletic figure with fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes

History, Education and Skills[edit]

Family and Background[edit]

Parents originated from England on Earth. They worked on a salvage vessel Storm Chaser where Audrey and her younger brother Andrew Williams grew up. Learnt how to EVA and salvage from a young age. Audrey joined star fleet and specialised in intelligence. Her brother was the only survivor when the Storm Chaser got caught in an ion storm while attempting to rescue a stranded freighter.


Pre-Starfleet History[edit]

On the Storm Chaser learned basics of shuttle piloting, EVA and salvage.

Starfleet History[edit]

Became an active agent for Admiral Doenitz‘s intelligence but was disappointed when her brother chose to fight for Admiral LoDona before she could change his allegiances.

They did not cross paths for a while later when she had tried to plant a bomb on board the USS Spectre and implicate Andrew as a traitor. It had nearly worked but had been foiled at the last moment. After that their lives did not cross for a long time. She had progressed up the ranks to the rank of commander and became the Captain of the USS Resilience at the disasters battle of Batazed. Her ship was destroyed but able to save her crew and her self before the ship exploded. At that point she thought that she would be taken prisoner by the victorious LoDona’s taskforce. She had been looking forward for a long while to peace even if it being at the hands of her enemies. Her luck was not with her that day as she was picked up by the retreating Doenitz forces that slipped away into the warp.

As the fleets of Admiral Doenitz retreated towards earth the ships she was put in command of a hastily refitted anti-matter pod transport as an anti-matter minelayers. They were instrumental in the defence of Hydra system with flotilla of light cruisers and were able to bottle neck one of Admirals LoDona pursuing battle group under the increasingly paranoid eye of the Doenitz hierarchy. This only prolonged the inevitable as Earth fell to the rebels and the civil war was won.

Yet again she was whisked off by splinter groups loyal to Doenitz. All she wanted was to get back to star fleet and patch things up with Andrew and try to bring back her broken family. The fanatical followers of Doenitz began and serious of purges with in there own scattered forces and any one who was not totally loyal to the cause was put to death instantly. After a few purges and as she was about to start planning her own escape when disaster struck again and the whole 52 fleet disappeared.

As the followers of Doenitz slowly inserted them selves back into the power vacuum that had been by the 52 fleet’s disappearance. Audrey had been side lined to the Wallace space station where she could be kept out of the way. Wallace was an R&D centre for the next generation of star fleets weaponry and its star ship application.

Wallace Space Station R&D Projects[edit]

Project Sacred Shift[edit]

This was a test bed flotilla that used neurogenic interface technology to control Prometheus and Indefatigable class starships. The starships used one person to control each ship while in a single hull configuration or in multi vector attack mode which meant that with the lack of qualified personal and multitude of hulls could be quickly integrated in to the fleet to plug the gaps left by the 52’s disappearance.

Ghost Project[edit]

This was an attempt at the federation’s first truly biological war ship. Crewed by a group of specially selected joined trills the NX Ghost was a state of the art intelligence gathering vessel using bio tech to down load and process massive amount of information as well as using the new biological stealth technology if it ever went into production it would be a nasty little ship.

Reflections Project[edit]

She had been working closely with the engineers who were tasked updating its hull mounted holo-emitters. These emitters would then be fitted across the hull of a ship so that it can change its image to match any Starfleet vessel.

Spectre Incident[edit]

Crewwoman Amy Bruce

This was about the time where the impossible happened. The 52 fleet appeared after being gone for 5 years. As the Doenitz loyalists reeled from this sudden shift in political power. She heard whispers of a plan to discredit the 52 fleet by using the USS Spectre and used every favour, contact she had made during the last five years to get herself on the assault team.

The mission was a failure and she managed to avoid detection when her team was killed. She disguised her self as an Engineering Crewwoman called Amy Bruce by infiltrating Amy Bruce’s identity into the Spectre’s computer core. She was captured while trying to kidnap her brother Andrew Williams and then handed over to Star Fleet Intelligence for processing.

Running Deep Incident[edit]

Audrey's Chair

She was sent by Star Fleet Intelligence as a deep cover operative to garther intelligence on the Corporation. Specifically the operatives Mortas and Imorlas and find out what they is looking for. She managed to get her self a position in the their starship the Charon During the Running Deep incident Mortas realising she was a spy and ordered Imorlas to try and to forced her to meld her mind into the main frame of a Toto Long Range Reconnaissance Vessel called the Sabiit. In the insuring fight she managed to smash Imorals face plant of her isolation suit. At this point Mortas intervened and short her with a phaser which incapacitated her. They then attached her to the Sabiit’s interface chair. Instead of becoming a vocal slave to the Sabiit as Mortas had hopped she managed to take control and mentally become part of the Sabiit. but the melding of an alien mind to the Sabiite’s system made a unique combination of human and machine. In a normal pilot of machine joining the mind of the machine would be the dominate one and the pilot’s conciseness would absorbed into it. In the case of Audrey Williams the reverse happened. She became to dominate mind which meant that she was able to keep her conciseness intact and be able to compartmentalize the Sabiite’s massive amount of data which it had acquired over its time as an exploration vessel. Mortas overloaded the Serenity’s computer core effectively wiping it out before he fled causing the sink hole be become unstable. The Mortas had destroyed the Sabiits engines and then left hoping that Audrey would die before she was found by anyone. The Serenity’s computer core effectively wiping by the Running deep computer as it tried to contain Serenity. Audrey transferred the computer core of the Sabiite who could not be flown due to not having any engines and herself to the Serenity. This helped in the Serenity escaping before the Running Deep activated its containment protocols which caused its destruction along with the Sabiite and the rest of the system.

Into the Looking Glass Indecent[edit]

She was assigned to the USS Serenity to help find a way to reverse the mind melding process. During the Into the Looking Glass Indecent the Serenity was attacked by the ISS Event Horizon which caused massive damage to the Serenity. As the main computer crashed sending power surges through the ship the interface chair that she was connected to separated her mind from the Serenity's computer core as a last ditch measure to save her mind. This separation meant that her mind was not fused to the Serenity's computer core also it was still connected to the interface chair. As the Serenity went through a massive refit Audrey and the interface chair was removed and she was evaluated by starfleet medical to have not untoward problems from the experience. She was cleared for duty.


Audrey Williams escaping the mutiny of the USS Serenity with Jay, Arya Snow and twenty two members of the Serenity crew arrived on the USS Charon. She survived the loss of the Charon during the fight with the Serenity. She and the survivors were picked up by the Road Runner where she was assigned as the Star Fleet Intelligence liaison officer.

She participated in the attack on the Serenity. Which was attacked and boarded by ships and marines of the HAZ-SUP Flotilla along with elements of the 52nd Fleet and attached Marine Corp. The infected crew has been removed to a quarantine facility for investigation and treatment. After the Serenity had gone through extensive refit and repair at the MRD Lily Sloane Mobile Repair Dock and she was assigned to the USS Serenity as the Star Fleet Intelligence liaison officer.

Inmate 1982[edit]

She was taken by radical members of Starfleet intelligence and interned in a black sight facility. She was interrogated about her time with the Wallace Space Station R&D Projects while she was working for the Admiral Doenitz. She suspected that her interrogators were trying to restart the projects for some nefarious reasons. Threatened with the loss of her nephew Ire Williams she activated her escape plan and fled to Titan Fall Facility one of Admiral Doenitz black ops legend facilities. She constructed a new identity along with genetic resequencing and teleporter de-aging routines.

Civilian Megan Tatlock

Megan Tatlock[edit]

She arrived on board the USS Hades as young woman from luna who was going to be the Nanny to XO and then Captain Ashlyn Williams’s two children. While she was on board she was able to interact with Ire Williams and his friends to make sure that he was safe. With the removal of Captain Ashlyn Williams and her family from the Hades she was moved of the ship and returned to Luna.

Current Assignment[edit]

She went back to the Titan Fall Facility to make a new identity so that she could infiltrate back onto the Hades but she had been tracked by some of the radical members Starfleet intelligence. She managed to escape with her new identity intact but she could not return to the Hades as she had planned so she mantled into the populous of the federation to work out her next step.

Medical History[edit]

During training she was infected with an enhanced echo strain of the Bendii syndrome. Any one trying to perform a Vulcan mind meld would lose all emotional control in hours and die in 24


Skilled & adept martial artist, The ability to ‘read’ peoples body language and a almost photographic memory.

Other Information[edit]


Running, Swimming, Rock climbing, Orbital sky diving

General Notes[edit]


Audrey Williams is played by User Robbie Gray