SS Hepburn

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SS Hepburn
SS Hepburn
Registry: NCC-27491
Class: Modified Defiant Class
Affiliation: Albatross Organisation 52nd Fleet
Launched: 2369.07.16
Commanding Officer: Captain Sazboe
Status: NPC, Active - Task Force 19

Ship's History[edit]

The SS Hepburn is a Defiant class starship. She was acquired from star fleet by the Albatross Organisation where she was refitted for her new task. The Hepburn’s primary role is rapid Search and Rescue mission . To help facilitate this, the Hepburn has been retrofitted numerous times. Although she looks no different from the out side its her internal dimensions that have changed. Ablative hull armor was reinforced, shields, sensors and weapons were upgraded. The sickbay was expanded to incorporate a larger medical facility which would be able to cope with any medical need. Also a large area behind the medical bay is used to store the stasis chambers which is used to transport the most critical patients that can’t be treated in the medical bay. Inside front section where the war head use to be was changed into a triage staging area and the airlocks were fitted with a generic docking collars. This enables the Hepburn to dock with any type ship. To facilitate more rapid deployment of her trauma teams. A large portion of the crew have been made up of mobile trauma team. These teams comprise of four members. A doctor, a nurse and two medical technicians. These teams can work independently from each other as well as in one bit group. They are also trained in armed and un-armed combat.

Operation Blood of Angels[edit]

The Hepburn saw action on the assault of the Mars Defense Perimeter and at Utopia Planitia, which was a prelude to the final invasion of Terra. This was the final strike against Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz illegal regime and target the heart of his defenses. The Hepburn was assigned to Task Force 19 and placed in to Assault Group Theta under the command of Captain Sarah Smithers of the USS Breakthrough. The Hepburn was assigned to the Assault group as close tactical search and rescue support. Once the fighting was over the Hepburn assisted with the vast post battle search and rescue mission that were necessary.