Thomas Loyola

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Lieutenant Senior Grade Thomas Loyola was a Strategic Operations officer aboard the USS Dennison.

Thomas Loyola
Name: Thomas Andrew Loyola
Rank: Ltcmd.jpg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30
Position: Strat OPS
Ship: USS Dennison
Status: Deceased

Physical Details[edit]

Biographical Information[edit]

Name:Thomas Loyola



Birthplace: Earth


Eye Colour:Hazel

Hair Colour:Brown


Weight:210 lbs

Blood Colour:Red

Skin Colour:White

Physical Description[edit]

Somewhat tall and kind of muscular with short, messy brown hair.


Has led a normal and healthy life.

Biographical Details[edit]


Thomas was born in Dallas, Texas to Ignatius and Debbie Loyola. He was the middle child of 3 children. Though Thomas was born in Dallas, Texas he spent most of his life growing up on Star Base Avalon where his dad was stationed as the Security Chief and later as First Officer. When Thomas was 16 he moved to earth to live with his Grandfather in San Fransico. His grandfather was an engineering professor at Starfleet Academy and Thomas stayed with him to prepare and get ready for his eventual application to the Academy. He gained admittance to the Academy when he was 18 and became a tactical major with empahsis in strategic operations. He was born on Stardate: 2376.05.10


Starfleet Academy

Pre Starfleet[edit]

Graduated from San Fransico's Arnold Schwarchenneger Highschool top of his class.

Starfleet Career[edit]

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Starfleet Academy

Thomas attended Starfleet Academy from 2394 to 2398. There he graduated number 5 on his class and was a member of the basbeball team as a first baseman. He was captain his senior year and helped win the Earth Collegiate Champiosnhip game with a homerun in the 9th inning. He graduated on Stardate: 2398.05.18.

USS Olympius[edit]

USS Olympius

The USS Olympius is a Soveriegn class ship. On Stardate: 2398.05.20 Thomas was posted on board as an Ensign Junior Grade as a Tactical Officer. Later on 2398.10.18 he was promoted to Ensign SG and assigned as the Assistant Security Chief. On Stardate: 2400.05.19 he was promoted to Lt. JG. On Stardate: 2402.05.19 he was promoted to Lt. SG and transferred to the USS Garuda.

USS Garuda[edit]

USS Garuda

The Garuda is an Intrepid class ship. In 2402, Thomas was posted on board as a Lt. SG and as the ships Tactical and Security chief. He served on that capacity until Stardate: 2407.01.16 where he was given orders to transfer to the USS Dennison as their new Strategic Operations officer.

USS Dennison[edit]

USS Dennison

This is the ship that Thomas Served on at his death. He died in a freak Holodeck accident after being killed by a holodeck vampire when the saftey mechanisms went offline.

Other Information[edit]


He enjoys using ancient weaponry in the holodeck. He also enjoys reading old novels. He is an ammateur comedian.


He is an avid weapons collector and a master at the game of chess. He is an excellent marksman, and has never lost in a game of risk.


He is very calm and caring and a good listener.

Ranks Achieved[edit]






Thomas Loyola was played by Will Banowsky