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The Tch'Kairn Resistance was an organized group of Tch'Kairn civilians and their Niglik allies who banded together after nearly a hundred years of occupation with the goal to free their home planet from the occupation forces of the Waagoshin military.

They came about when their leader K'Thartek founded the group with the aid of the last great philospher Lupo Dal. the group primarily limited itself to preparation in anticipation of throwing of their slavery.

To accomplish this, they silently developed an intricate network of cells and trained their members in covert operations. Some cells near the capital city on Tch'Kair conducted irregular raids against Waagoshin patrols with a goal to learn tactics and to acquire materials.

Normally the Tch'Kairn, who practice H'volik's philosophy, known as "Kel'Sima" (The Great Truth). This philosophy makes it morally repulsive to the Tch'Kairn to harm another being. However, after suffering under the terrible oppressions of the Waagoshin, and dealing with incredible atrocities, the resistance was formed to set aside the philosophy in favor of action.

By 2408, the resistance had grown to hundreds of thousands of members spread across three planets. High ranking slaves serving influential Waagoshin leaders including Alpha One gathered intelligence and data, which was carefully used to conduct their campaign of freedom.

It was in Early 2408, that K'Thartek discovered a long abandonded science facility located in the mountains north of the capital city. There he discovered the original distress signal sent by the Tch'Kairn in the first days of the Waagoshin invasion.

Confident in Waagoshin behavior, and armed with the distress signal, and intellignect provided by their spy networks, the Resistance began to rebroadcast the signal out into space in the hopes of luring another species to their aid.

The leader and Lupo Dal were confident that the Waagoshin would react violently to any sudden arrival of an unknown vessel and that any new species could potentially become an ally.

In fact, this is exactly what happened. Later that year, the United Federation of Planets detected the signal and dispatched the USS Hades to investigate.

When the Hades entered the Sigma Draconis System The Waagoshin responded true to their nature. They kidnapped three Federation officers and fundamentally declared war between with the UFP.

An alliance was struck between the Resistance and the Commander of the Hades, Commander Eva Straton. In return for their aid in Rescuing the kidnapped officers, the Hades crew would assist the resistance in their final battle against the Waagoshin.

Resistance fighters and Hades personnel, launched four simultaneous assaults against military targets in the system. Their sudden movements crippled Waagoshin command and control and severed critical communications and supply lines. in the sapn of a little over twenty-four hours, the Waagoshin suffered such a defeat that they were driven from the system. In the struggle, the Waagoshin Alpha One was killed when his orbital facility was destroyed by the captain of the Hades.

Two of the three kidnapped Federation officers were rescued, but the third Captain Devan Sash was killed in the action.

K'Thartek and Lupo Dal survived the battle and assumed the office of Provisional Governor and his advisor respectively.

In 2409, the Resistance movement, ceased being such and was transformed into a standing military force, and was trained to repel a potential Waagoshin resurgence in aggression.

The Tch'Kairn Resistance was first seen in the USS Hades mission: A Rule of Conscience