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Name: Brianna Marie Frazier
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

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Gender: Female
Species: Human/Betazoid
Age: 32
Position: Chief of Ops, 2nd Officer
Ship: USS Champlain (NCC 2170-C)
Mission: Crossroads
Status: Active
"Empathy and sympathy don't always go hand in hand."
— Bree

Brianna Marie Frazier is a tall, fit, strong half-Human, half-Betazoid woman; slender, not brawny, but more sturdy than willowy. At five feet and eleven inches, with copper hair, green eyes, and a light but rosy complexion, she looks like the daughter of a line of Celtic warriors that she is... but her Betazoid heritage is not immediately obvious. She graduated from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 2407.01.18 at the age of 32, and was assigned to the USS Champlain, under the command of Captain Edward Wolfe. She is played by GrannyGM.


Brianna was born to Lt. JG Brian Frazier, SAC-TAC, and Dr. Marienna Adani, Stardate 2374.08.26. Her parents were killed in October of 2375, victims of an attempted mutiny by a racist faction led by the ship’s power-mad human Chief of Security. The mutiny was put down by those who remained loyal to the Captain, led by their Klingon First Officer and including her parents; but not in time to save them, or their Vulcan Captain. For reasons still unknown to her, Bree, just over a year old, was sent to be raised by her grandparents on Earth, Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Della O’Brien Frazier.

Brianna's father, Lt. Brian Frazier

The Fraziers lived in a cultural backwater on Earth, founded by an ancient paramilitary fundamentalist religious organization. They were kind enough, but they had always disliked and feared their son’s Betazoid wife. They seemed fearful that their little flame-haired granddaughter would turn out to be one of those weird, spooky psychic mind-readers too, so they “sheltered” her by hiding the truth of her ancestry. They told Bree that her mother was a witch who had used dark arts to lure her father away from them. They spoke of their son with outward pride, but Bree sensed a tension in their voices when they told her stories about him. It was as though they felt that, if he hadn’t insisted on gallivanting off with Star Fleet to who knows where, he would never have gotten mixed up with all those foreigners and aliens, and he’d probably be safe at home, minding his own business. They didn’t know where they failed with him, but they were determined to make sure that their Bree would make up for all the waywardness of her father, and fulfill their hopes and dreams where he had failed.

Bree did her best to oblige, but she always felt…different. At the age of fifteen, she was pledged to be married to a “nice” boy chosen by negotiation between the couple’s parents, as was the local custom. But as she stood at the alter beside him, the full force of his intentions toward her hit her like a tidal wave. She ran away in horror.

Madame LeDeaux

She could not go back. She had disgraced her family. So, she traveled to the Big City. There, she received the education of a young runaway, but she was strong; and lucky. She was “discovered” within a month by one Madame ‘Sherry’ LeDeaux, a fine lady of Creole extraction. Mme. LeDeaux considered her ‘profession’ to be legitimate, if not strictly respectable; and she treated her girls like family. Thus, Bree was spared much of the more severe trauma that she might have otherwise experienced, being from a fringe group that had never acquired for her the IDs and codes that would have allowed access to the provisions available to the mainstream. However, Bree discovered for herself that the elimination of poverty and greed so touted by the more privileged members of modern Earth society was largely a wishful myth. Human nature dictates that wherever a demand exists for any commodity, there will be some who are willing to exploit it for personal gain. However, Bree’s natural intelligence and academic aptitude enabled her, through pure stubbornness and determination, to rise above life on the streets and educate herself in more constructive manner.

During her employment by Madame LeDeaux, Bree encountered many non-human sentient species for the first time. She found the “foreigners and aliens” she met there more fascinating than frightening, and so set out to study their cultures on her own as the opportunity allowed, encouraged by Mme. LeDeaux. By the time she was twenty, Bree was the Madame’s star performer; but the older woman felt she had the potential to move on. So, Mme. LeDeaux made arrangements with a good friend of hers in New York for Bree to join the concierge of a major hotel there. It meant a considerable reduction in compensation, but Bree’s ‘professional’ services would no longer be required, and thus she would have the opportunity to integrate fully into mainstream society. Bree agreed with the move, but she found she was homesick for her New Orleans home for some time. Mme. LeDeux had been more like a mother to her that her grandmother had been. She still keeps in touch with the aging lady as she is able.

In New York, Bree met her first Betazoid; a Starfleet recruiter from the 52nd Fleet, who immediately recognized Bree for what she was. Through this woman’s mentorship, Bree managed not only to finish her Master’s degree, but to discover the truth about her parentage; and she began to develop her gift of empathy. Bree’s mentor encouraged Bree to apply for entry into Starfleet Academy after graduation.

Bree had never been off planet before graduation from Starfleet Academy, but she had learned a thing two about how many kinds of sentient beings behave and interact through life experience. She worked as a hooker, a maid, a librarian, a nanny, as a food service associate, as a receptionist at a hotel, and other odd jobs common to students who must work their way through school. She had also long displayed an intuitive grasp of computer operations. Her “creative” use of software was well known amongst her associates. It was rumored that she was in possession of knowledge for which she did not technically have clearance; but since no one was able to prove it, and Bree displayed discretion and moral scruples in her use of the information she acquired, few were motivated to try.

Bree’s greatest strength is her excellent education in the cultural structures on many planets, coupled with her intelligence, her empathy, and her capacity to be tough as nails at need. In short; she works very well with all kinds of sentient creatures, and almost equally well with electronic systems. She is also facile with many types of martial arts, both armed and unarmed. Aside from a minor, rarely recurring medical condition, Bree is in excellent physical health, due partially to her early talents with unarmed self-defense.

Bree is, to an extent, still struggling to come to grips with who and what she really is.


Bree’s early education was received in a tiny private school operated by the paramilitary organization with which her grandparents were associated. Emphasis was placed upon basic reading and mathematical skills, along with a strong dose of fundamentalist propaganda. Thus, she has a greater than average familiarity with the Judeo-Christian Cannon, the Bible, and with various forms of religious doctrines. After leaving home, Bree remained an avid reader, educating herself in a number of areas, including economics and history, and honing her mathematical skills in conjunction with her latently discovered aptitude with complex computer operations and programming. Before entering Starfleet Academy, she earned a Master’s degree in Xenoanthropolgy from a major university. She has also undergone formal voice training since she was six years old, with an emphasis on the traditional Belle Canto style of old earth opera.

Portrait of Bree at graduation, painted by a friend

At Starfleet Academy, Bree received extensive training in ship’s computer systems and operations, with an emphasis on programming and software. She also had First Contact training.

Bree on holiday with friends from the Academy

She led an active social life during her stay in San Francisco, but was often misunderstood by those who knew something of her background… especially some few of her dates who were disappointed with her refusal to accept their ‘proposals’. In one instance, a particularly insistent suitor, a fellow cadet, was rewarded for his efforts with a short stay in the infirmary, followed by expulsion from the Academy for harassment.

Bree had long taken a lively interest in politics as they applied to human interaction. During her time in the academy, she began to perceive some… uncomfortable truths about President/Admiral Doenitz and his agenda. She was all too familiar with oppression disguised as peacekeeping... she grew up with it, and had hoped she had left it behind. But the more Bree learned about President/Admiral Doenitz, the less she liked what he was doing. When she quietly voiced her opinion to a few trusted friends, she discovered whispered rumors of an underground movement opposing his policies within Starfleet itself. She subtly let it be known that she belonged with Lodona’s 52nd Fleet.


Frazier Arms: Vert Ermined Or, a Pale Inverted Or charged Strawberry Proper

On Earth, Bree was involved with several ‘living history’ re-enactment groups. One group, representing a broad spectrum of European life and customs during the first Feudal age, taught her the traditional art of fighting with sword and shield. Rattan ‘swords’ are employed, being about the same weight as the wooden practice swords commonly used by the ancient fighters being emulated, but with less danger of throwing splinters when shattered, as in this form of martial art, blows are often delivered full-force even in practice. The ‘blade’ area is marked, and a hit that does not land on this mark is not counted as good (flat)... thus, a transference of the skills learned in this form to the use of a real edged weapon is natural and easy. Full armor is worn, and carefully inspected by group-appointed marshals prior to allowing a fighter onto the field.

In the ‘tourney’ setting, the sport form of the art, rules of chivalry apply…, but Bree has found that skills employed therein have practical applications, transferring nicely to any stick she can grab and an old-fashioned trashcan lid, at need, as well as to live steel.

Bree is fascinated by the ancient Celts, her father’s ancestors, and studies them, among other historically significant people-groups, as a hobby. She sings, preferring traditional ballads, especially Celtic tunes, to the operatic style for which she was trained. She also does fine freehand embroidery and other forms of needlework, and has won awards for her work within her re-enactment societies.

Like many of her shipmates, Bree enjoys certain Holodeck simulations. One of her favorites includes the streets of the old French Quarter in New Orleans as it was before time and storm altered it beyond recognition. Another involves re-enactment of the sword-and-shield tourneys she participated in on Earth… she looks forward to working out with rattan sword and shield, and taking on ‘society’ legends to keep in shape. She also studies Ninpo, both for practical and recreational purposes.


USS Champlain[edit]

Mission 1: Worlds Once Lost[edit]

Stardate: 2407.02.24 - 2407.03.07

Captain U'Gaeth

Bree's first away mission involved the successful liberation of the station Deep Space Five from Doenitz loyalist Captain U'Gaeth, followed by a subsequent battle between the Champlain and the Doenitz vessel Wyvern. The Champlain’s position appeared to have been given away by an enemy spy on board, who had not yet been identified. This was a side mission ordered by Starfleet, undertaken on the way to determine why an Earth colony had mysteriously disappeared from the planet Ivor Prime over 30 years ago.

The day after DS5 was secured, on Stardate 2407.03.05, Bree was promoted to Ensign Senior Grade, and was assigned as Chief of Ops. Two days later, on Stardate 2407.03.06, The Champlain entered orbit around Ivor Prime.

Bree served on the away team to study Ivor Prime. During the course of a long and harrowing day, the crew discovered that the colony had been drawn into a bodiless dimension by a device similar to an ancient Iconinan gateway, apparently in an attempt to avoid a Borg attack. While the team was studying it, the device powered up unexpectedly, and Captain Wolfe was taken into the same dimension that the colonists had inhabited, trapped there for 34 years. The crew labored for many hours to bring him back safely, along with a few surviving colonists. The effort was plagued by communication difficulties and some breakdowns in focus among the stressed crew, but in the end, the mission was completed successfully. The spy that had revealed the Champlain’s location to the Wyvern was also exposed, when he was injured, taken to sickbay, and scanned, at which time the cyberware he had used to help send messages to Doenitz fleet was detected. The next day, on Stardate 2407.03.07, Bree was promoted by Captain Wolfe to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and assigned as the Third Officer of the Champlain.

Mission 2: The Hephaestus Principle[edit]

Stardate: 2407.02.13 - Ongoing

After a week or so of fairly uneventful exploration, on Stardate 2407.03.13, the crew of the Champlain made an unexpected discovery. A primitive warp ship appeared where none should have been, inexplicably displaying a Federation warp signature. There few planets charted in the area, and no indications of any cultures capable of breaking warp speed. So, a study began to find out how this phenomenon came to be, and plans began to be made for a potential First Contact.

So far, an inhabitable planet, identified only as Irlix, has been detected about two days distant from the Champlain, but aside from the warp ship itself, and one long-distance scan that appears to display a rudimentary space station near one of it’s moons, little is yet known about it.


Stardate 2407.03.05: Awarded Captain's Commendation for taking part in the liberation of Deep Space 5, and in the defense of the Champlain from Admiral Doenitz vessel, the USS Wyvern.